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The Life Offering Prayer (Sister Natalie of Hungary)

Sister Natalie

Sister Natalie Kovacsics
Sister Natalie

Sister Mary Natalie Kovacsics (1901-1992) of the Good Shepherd’s Magdalene Sisters (also known as Sister Natalia Magdolna), was born on january 31 of 1901 near Pozsony (now the city of Bratislava in present Slovakia), a neighborhood that was part of the Austro-Hungarian empire (see map).

Her parents were craftsmen of German origin. She learned German and Hungarian and later French. From an early age she clearly perceived her religious vocation and at seventeen she entered the convent of Pozsony receiving the name of Mary Dorothy of Crucified Jesus. At the convent she had mystic experiences that were known by her superiors.

Austro-Hungarian Empire
Country borders at the time of Sr. Natalie’s birth.

After the Treaty of Trianon (peace agreement that divided the Austro-Hungarian empire after World War I), 21-year-old Sister Natalie was sent to Belgium by order of her superiors, where she stayed for twelve years, and then returned to Hungary. The Christian Sisters of Vámbék advised her to enter the congregation of St. Magdalene of Keeskemet Good Shepherd’s Sisters, which she did, entering as a magdalene sister. In 1939 the jesuit father Lajos Gologi became her spiritual leader and was the first to deal seriously with the visions and locutions that she experienced.

One night the Lord said to me:
-You requested that you wanted to imitate Me and that I take you with Me when you turned thirty three years of age. The hour has arrived: I am calling you. But if you accept to continue suffering in the Earth to save souls, I can prolong your life.
I answered to Him that I wished to suffer to save many souls from hell. Then He promised to me that He would leave me on Earth so that I could save the immortal souls of men; I said to Him:
-Jesus, give me the grace of being able to console You until I am old, and when I die, let me take souls to Heaven until the end of times. Grant me that I can pray before thousand of abandoned shrines while You remain on Earth in the sacred Host.
Jesus promised me so.

These visions and messages, which Sister Natalie wrote in her personal diary, had the request to start a Movement of Penance and Amendment for sins, which was to start in Hungary and spread throughout the world, because the king St. Stephen of Hungary had had bequeathed the country to Her before dying. In addition to this, there was the revelation of the new Title with which Jesus wanted His Immaculate Mother to be venerated: “THE VICTORIOUS QUEEN OF THE WORLD”. Jesus has placed in the hands of His Immaculate Mother the power to save the world and the victory over evil for these times. Most of these messages were written between 1939 and 1943.

The Victorious Queen of the World, artistic representation by Ahijah

Sister Natalie wanted to remain anonymous, but the Pope requested her name and that she accurately describe how Jesus and Mary looked like in the visions. With the consent of Sister Natalie, paintings were made that were approved by Bishop Lajos Shvoy. The Hungarian church then intended to distribute the image translated to every language, since the Victorious Queen of the World was to save the entire world.

One day, during World War II, Jesus expressed his preoccupation about Rome. He said to me: ―It is my will that you take the following message to my blessed son, the Pope: “Do not leave the Vatican! If you leave, the enemy will destroy it immediately.” The message was given and the Holy Father remained in the Vatican. A bomb fell on Castelgandolfo (the summer residence of the Pope) where he intended to go.

Pope Pius XII recommended the Church and the world to “Our Mother the Queen of the World” in 1954, some claim he was in part influenced to do so by the visions of Sister Natalie.

Sister Natalie
Sr. Natalie was not heard by the church’s hierarchy

Sister Natalie transmited harsh messages to the Hungarian Catholic hierarchy: to leave their palaces, to do penance, and to distribute their wealth to the poor, otherwise ungodly men would come and take the riches and put them in cattle wagons. For many this call was not only madness but absurd. Only a few paid attention to the call to the “Apostolate of the Amendment“. Sister Natalie foresaw the destruction that communism would later carry out in the hungarian church.

Only after the war, in 1945, when cardinal Joseph Mindszenty was elected Primate of Hungary, did the Movement of Amendment seriously began. He wanted a chapel of atonement built in Hungary and granted permission for the foundation of a new order of nuns, whose only purpose would be to do reparation and penance for the sins of the nation. But unfortunately it was too late and the chapel could not be finished. The communist authorities not only prohibited the foundation of the new order, but dispersed the existing ones.

The terror against the Hungarian people was three times more severe than in the neighboring countries. The red army made martyrs by the thousands, among them Bishop Apor de Gyor, who tried to defend his flock, in its majority women who looked for refuge in the churches to avoid being raped.

Nevertheless the red army was indulgent in comparison with the Hungarian Communists, especially its leader Matías Rákosi.

This cruel figure sent thousands of intellectuals to the death penalty and his fury was mainly directed against the Catholic Church. They confiscated all catholic schools, dispersed the religious orders and occupied the 4 convents and monasteries.

Everybody learned about the tragic fate of the Primate of Hungary, Cardinal Joseph Mindszenty, who fought bravely against the red tyranny. After having been jailed during World War II by the German Nazis for helping the Jews, now the communists arrested him under false accusations and submitted him to the most humiliating tortures. When his iron will was broken due to the drugs that he was administered, he was submitted to a mock trial. His flock was scared and dispersed slowly when seeing their shepherd wounded.

Sister Natalie when old
Sr. Natalie shortly before departing to the Eternal Homeland

Sister Natalie shared the fate of her religious sisters and had to live in the countryside hiding, but her mystical life continued and under the guidance of a new spiritual director, in 1981, she began to write her diary again.

Sister Natalie died on April 24, 1992. She had dedicated her entire life to Reparation and to expanding the devotion to the Victorious Queen of the World, and with that purpose, to establish a women’s order. She has undergone incredible physical and spiritual suffering throughout her life. Being of a withdrawn and humble character, she never sought to attract attention or to enjoy of good esteem, having to experience many times trials and humiliations that she endured with patience and love.

Her life was full of supernatural graces and intense communication with God, He dictated, among others, a Life Offering Prayer along with several promises for those who carried it out.

Thus said the Lord to me:
-My daughter, tell your father confessor: “If I find a soul, pure and ready to make sacrifices, through her I can save not only a thousand souls, but whole nations”.

The offering of life and the promises

During the holy Marian Year (1983-1984) the Most Holy Virgin said to me:
-You, dear children, must with greater fervor still, share the torments of the Savior. Watch with compassion how he sweated blood in the orchard of the Olive trees, observe the chains, the ropes, how He was dragged from one judge to another, how they spat on His face, the different torments, how He was whipped, the mantle of ridicule, the crown of thorns, the weight of the Cross, His falls and His painful stops. From your heart, you must follow Him until he arrives at Mount Calvary and see Him there, from the time that He is stripped until His crucifixion. Nailed to the Cross, soaked in His blood in agony, how much pain, how much torment until exclaiming: “Everything is finished.”
-My holy Son, dear children, accomplished the work of Redemption. His sacrifice of reparation was complete, but from it, He also left a small participation for you, inasmuch as He chooses and calls some souls to offer in intimate union with Him, the sacrifice of their life.
He shares with them His torments, for the glory of the Father and the good of souls, so that not a single one of them is lost. These souls are souls entirely dedicated, and can do much for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. My Holy Son finds His joy in them.
-In the world of today, My children, My holy Son has a hundred times greater necessity of lambs for the sacrifice. But you must not think that participation in the work of Redemption consists of sacrifice only. It is necessary to start off from the orchard of Gethsemane and to follow the path that My holy Son walked. Without this there would be no merits or offering of fruitful life.
-The sooner the surrender of a soul, the more it glorifies the Father, and for that reason, it helps to save more souls, and will be a benefactor of all of humanity. Oh how many graces can be obtained for the Church and for priests! Such a soul thus cooperates effectively in the conversion of sinners, in the relief of patients, and the salvation of the dying, so that souls may enter into the homeland of eternal happiness. A soul thus accomplishes a true redeeming work, in union with My Most Holy Son.

Promises of the Most Holy Virgin for those making the Offering of Life

  1. Their names will be written in the Heart of Jesus, burning with love, and in the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary.
  2. By their offering of life, united to the merits of Jesus, they will save many souls from condemnation. The merit of their sacrifices will benefit the souls until the end of the world.
  3. None of their family members will be condemned, although by external appearances it would seem thus, because before the soul leaves the body, it will receive in the depths of its soul, the grace of perfect repentance.
  4. In the day of the offering, the members of their family that were in purgatory will leave there.
  5. At the hour of death I will be at their side and I will take their souls, without passing through purgatory, to the presence of the Most Glorious Holy Trinity, where in the house built by the Lord, they will be eternally happy with Me.

Short prayer of repentance

My Jesus, I love You above all things!
I regret all my sins for my love of You.
All the sins of the world also hurt me.
Oh merciful Love, united with our Most Holy Mother and her Immaculate Heart, I beg you to forgive my sins and all the sins of all men, my brothers until the end of the world.
My beloved Jesus, united to the merits of your Sacred Sores, I offer my life to the Eternal Father, according to the intentions of the Most Sorrowful Holy Virgin.
Virgin Mary, Queen of the Universe, Intercessor of Humanity, and our hope, pray for us!

Prayer of Life Offering

My beloved Jesus, in front of the Three Persons of the Most Holy Trinity, in front of Our Mother of heaven and all the celestial Court, I offer, according to the intentions of your Eucharistic Heart and those of the Immaculate Heart of Most Holy Mary, all my life, all my holy Masses, Communions, good works, sacrifices and sufferings, uniting them to the merits of your Most Holy Blood and your death on the cross:

In order to adore the Most Glorious Holy Trinity, to offer reparation to Him for our offenses, to obtain the union of our holy Mother Church, for our priests, for good sacerdotal vocations and for all the souls until the end of the world.

Receive, my Jesus, my offering of life, and grant me the grace to persevere faithfully in it until the end of my life. Amen.

The Offering of Life encompasses everything

I rejoiced upon seeing how time and time again the faithful who were in the temple made their life offering, moved by the fervor of my spiritual father. I interiorly thought: Will they be living it? Is it enough to do it only once? Will they remember it later? Then my Jesus spoke to me thus:

-If anybody, my daughter, makes the offering of life only once, do you understand, my daughter? If only once, in a moment of grace, the heroic fire of love was enkindled in his heart, with this his life was sealed! His life, although not thinking consciously about it, is already property of both Sacred Hearts. For my Father, time does not exist. The life of man is before Him as a whole.

Even if one has made another offering, the offering of life by love summarizes everything and is above all of them. This will be, then, the crown, the most precious clothing, and the symbol of its spiritual nobility in the Eternal Homeland.

Our Heavenly Mother especially asks the mothers, to offer their lives to the intentions of Her Immaculate Heart, for Her to be able to save more and more astray families:

-In the heart of many mothers the pain burns. Their heart is oppressed by the spiritual state of their children, by their immoral conduct, by the destiny of their life beyond death. For my love towards them, moved by compassion, I obtained the five promises with my petitions. May they be consoled, may they offer with a total commitment all the events of their life, because the sacrifice offered for others produces fruits of salvation for souls. In addition, it is not possible to surpass the merciful love of God.

Message of the Virgin for those who make the Offering of Life

“The Most Holy Virgin said:
-When the Eternal Father selects a soul to give it the grace of being one of the chosen ones, it is destined to be on earth similar to His Only Son. And, how should it be similar to Him? In the love and acceptance of sufferings. If in this you follow Jesus, the Eternal Father will recognize in you his holy Son.
-The souls to whom the Eternal Father chose so that they make the Offer of life must make an effort to save the greatest number of souls for God. They can attain this with fervent prayers, with the practice of active charity, with servitude, humility, with mortification, but mainly with the patient acceptance of sufferings. I believe that My maternal Heart will find among My children, souls that with the ardor of the martyrs love God.
-Even at the time of the greatest trials, My dear children, you must take with limitless trust the hand of your Mother. Together go to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, who is your strength in this earthly pilgrimage. Thus, fortified daily by Him, you continue the way towards the home of eternal happiness where in glorious ecstasies, you will recognize each other, those that have made of their life a love offering for the glory of God and the good of souls.
-Then, My most holy Son is going to hug you to His inflamed Heart of Love, to submerge them in the joy of the unity of love of the Most Holy Trinity, in the state of eternal happiness, so that they can be glad to join with the souls of those who with their generous offer of life managed to reach salvation.
-Love and have confidence, My children, because God is with you! The Lord loves the life of each soul that makes the surrender of itself. Indeed for that reason do not put a limit to your sacrifices. To give more, to love better! Let this be your life motto.”

The Most Holy Virgin said:
Make it known, My children, the many graces that are given when an offer of life is made: to those who undergo much in body and soul, to the incurable patients, to those that are crippled and cannot move, to those that are bed-ridden. Announce to them not to suffer in vain. They will possess gold dividends for humanity, and for themselves as well, because to know and have in their souls and hearts, peace, strength, and relief, when thinking that by the patient acceptance of their sufferings, great joy and happiness awaits them in heaven.

Devotion to Virgin Mary as “The Victorious Queen of the World”

Sr. Natalie received as revelation a new Title under which Jesus wanted His Immaculate Mother to be venerated and that is: “THE VICTORIOUS QUEEN OF THE WORLD“. Jesus has put into the hands of His Immaculate Mother the power to save the world and the victory over evil for these times. In order to be able to free the world from evil, she needed the power of a Queen. She was crowned Queen by the Three Divine Persons and received the necessary power from Them.

This title was recognized by Pope Pius XII in 1954 and May 31st was designated to honor Mary as ‘Queen of the World‘. This title of Our Heavenly Mother is not foreign to the Magisterium of the Church. For centuries we have prayed daily in the Rosary the Glorious Mystery of the Coronation of Virgin Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth.

God does not give empty titles, his words are full of power, therefore having given Her the title of Queen implies that, as such, She has received power delegated by the Most Holy Trinity to act in that capacity. Mary was venerated since the earliest times of the Church as Queen by the saints and the people as well. Proof of this can be found in Sacred Scripture and in the many churches that were erected in honor of Mary as Queen. St. Bernard said, “Because of her humility God gave her the royal power of the Queen, but this won’t be known before mankind in its entirety, till the end times.” St. Louis Grignon de Montfort, who centuries ago had a glimpse of God’s design for the future, similar to St. John’s Apocalypse, describes Mary as Queen in his book: “The Perfect and True Devotion to Mary”.

Prayer to the Victorious Queen of the World (1986)

“Our Virgin Mother,
Victorious Queen of the World,
show us your power!”

“The Lord Jesus asks us to say this prayer often, with great faith, and especially now that we are living in the time of Mary, when the “fullness of time” comes soon and She can give us her Son again. As God, the Savior, redeemed the world with the assistance of the Virgin, thus it will also be now: through Mary He will save the world, now submerged in the marsh of sin, from its well-merited destruction.”

The lily
When I saw the Victorious Queen of the World and, under her feet, the world submerged in sin and surrounded by a crown of thorns, I saw a lily rising among the thorns. I understood that this lily represents the soul as it is now, and the soul as it will be when it lives in paradise.
The Most Holy Virgin said to me that the lily represents the original strength of a soul, the part of a soul that has conserved its original innocence, the part that sin cannot soil. This lily symbolizes the purity that prevails over sin, in spite of all evil. As a result of the purification, humanity will live in the purity and beauty in which the Father created the first man.
As the Most Holy Virgin prepared the place for the Savior in His first coming with Her humility, purity and wisdom, thus it will be for His second coming. In the second coming, when the celestial Father, so to speak, glorifies the world, Christ will prevail! His victory is the victory of grace and mercy, the victory of the rays of the sun over the frozen world.

Other messages to Sister Natalie

A book has been published with the messages and revelations to Sister Natalie titled “The Victorious Queen of the World” (Original title in Hungarian: ‘A Vilag Gyozedelmes Kiralynoje‘). This book is based on the diary and other messages that Sister Natalie has given to various people. We transcribe some fragments below:

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