Luz de Maria seer prophet approved by catholic Church

Is Luz de Maria approved by the Catholic Church?

What is the general consensus regarding Our Lord and BVM Messages to seer prophet Luz de Maria? Are the messages approved by the Catholic Church?

Who is Luz de Maria?

Her name is Luz de María de Bonilla, she was born in Costa Rica although at present she resides in Argentina. She travels constantly because of her mission, and she considers herself in her own words a “citizen of the World”.

who is Luz de MaríaAccording to Luz de Maria’s website, she comes from a family with deep Christian roots in which, along with her siblings, she grew up surrounded by an atmosphere of spirituality, with the Eucharist as the center of her life. Her youth went alongside the presence of her beloved Guardian Angels and of the Blessed Mother who are her companions and confidants. Since then they share with her Heavenly Manifestations, thus foreshadowing what would materialize little by little years later.

In the Holy Week of the year 1990 Luz de Maria has a definitive meeting with the Blessed Mother, who announces to her the physical recovery from the illness that she was suffering and welcomes her in a special way to prepare her for the meeting with Her Divine Son, beginning this way a long journey during which the mission that Heaven had designed for her was subtly being clarified. After a long wait during which Christ and the Blessed Mother gradually prepare her, asking her discretion in that period, Heaven orders her to communicate the Divine Word she has received and continues to receive, to all of humanity.

By the month of March of 1992 (more than 27 years ago) she began her mission, receiving messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary, from Our Lord Jesus Christ and sometimes from Saint Michael the Archangel. All started with the messages of the Blessed Mother that she heard in her mind in the form of internal locutions, afterwards, she also had visions of Mary and Jesus as well as visions of some coming events such as mystical experiences of the Warning, and about epidemics that will arise in the coming years.

Regarding the frequency of the messages, Luz de María says she receives, since she began her mission, about two messages per week and on occasion, one per week.

Christ makes known to her the persecution, injustice, defamation and slander which she will face from those who do not accept these Divine Calls and who will not tire of persecuting her so as to end this Work, but she accepts, knowing that as an instrument of Christ she must follow the same path Christ walked on Earth.

Luz de María begins to perceive that as time goes by, the Word of Christ and of the Blessed Mother increase in its magnitude and intensity, due to the proximity of the events humanity will face. In each Divine Call, however, prevails Love, Mercy and at the same time Divine Justice. And they announce and denounce the reality of the purification of the human race — a purification that is a fruit of the disobedience of present-day man and of the mismanagement he has given to advances in all fields, with man thus transforming himself into his own scourge.

Beside her, Priests from several countries have remained who guide her, but as Christ himself tells her “I am your true spiritual director”, for it is Christ who guides each one of her steps. Father Jose Maria Fernandez Rojas, who from the beginning of the manifestations has been beside her as her confessor, has also accompanied her prayer group. At present, two priests are permanently with her.

The messages she receives are recorded by two people, then transcribed by a religious woman and a priest makes the spelling corrections. Another priest reviews them before being uploaded to her website ( and published for sharing with the world.

The Mission of Luz de Maria, in total obedience to Christ, is to be an instrument of the Divine Truth in this instant and to announce and denounce what Our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother indicate to her so that the children of God continue to fight for their own conversion and that of all their brothers and sisters, recognizing and strongly battling the evil that surrounds them, and dedicated, continue on the path of Salvation in all aspects of life.

It is thus that the Divine Word that Luz de Maria receives invites humanity, as children of the same Father, to reach unity of all brothers and sisters, fulfilling the First Commandment and echo of the Call of Christ that calls His People to be one.

Topics covered in the revelations to Luz de Maria

These are some of the most popular topics related to the messages:

  • The public appearance and world dominion of the Antichrist
  • Implantation of the Microchip in the human body, seal of the antichrist
  • The Great Warning that is coming to humanity
  • The Three Days of Darkness
  • Third World War, the use of nuclear weapons
  • The Failure to fulfill BVM requests at Fatima and its consequences
  • The Church and the coming “major schism” planned to divide her
  • Nuclear energy
  • Solar activity and how it will make fall man’s technological advances
  • Health recommendations in the face of food contamination. Use of Medicinal plants
  • Famine, plagues and new epidemics to come
  • Activity of volcanoes and powerful eruptions. Earthquakes
  • Rebelliousness and social upheavals, moral depravity. Manipulation from the hidden power
  • Terrorism
  • The priests
  • Fall of the world economies
  • Weather. Signs of the Times
  • The family
  • Asteroids. Impact of an asteroid, the change of terrestrial geography
  • The evil of Communism and its apogee
  • Our Spiritual Senses and how to exercise them
  • The Angel of Peace
  • The soul
  • Freemasonry and the anti-Christian elites that govern humanity

Luz de María and the Catholic Church

Although the Catholic Church would hardly make any statement about private revelations while these continue to occur (and in many cases even several decades after its cessation), there is actually an Imprimatur from the Catholic Bishop Juan Abelardo Mata, of Nicaragua, who after reading all the content of the messages, from 2009 to September 2017, and prayer books, found nothing against the Faith or sound doctrine, recommending the reading of the revelations to all Christians.

In addition, Bishop Emeritus of San Vicente (El Salvador), Monsignor José Oscar Barahona Castillo, granted an Imprimatur for the prayer of the Holy Spirit.

The fact that a Catholic bishop has read and granted the Nihil Obstat and the Imprimatur affirming that there is nothing in the texts contrary to the Faith and Christian doctrine is a very good precedent for everyone to be encouraged to keep reading these revelations.

On the other hand, this also reveals the persecution and smear campaign against Luz de María, which is appreciable with just conducting a search of her name on the web, and it is unfortunate that some of the websites where she is defamed have as goal to lead to Christian spirituality.

New Marian Invocation

From the revelations to Luz de María came the new Marian invocation of “Our Lady of the End Times” (Message of December 1, 2017), then expanded to “Queen and Mother of the End Times” (Message of May 13, 2018).

Its festivity is on August 28th and has a Novena that begins on August 20th with a series of promises for those who accomplish it.
The invocation was granted an Imprimatur too.

For more information about the Novena follow this link.

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  1. Do a search for Jimmy Akin on Luz de Maria. His opinion, backed up by her own messages, she is a false prophet.

    1. Hi, I think you are confusing Luz de Maria with Maria Divine Mercy as they are not the same person.

  2. Luz de Maria / FALSE PROPHET??

    Message from St. Michael the Archangel
    By Luz de Maria

    The following is taken from a message to Luz de Maria on Nov 5th, 2014. This is a very odd message to say the least and nothing biblical that I’m aware of (intelligent creatures living under the earth??) and one that years later has still NOT come true, like so many of these visionaries messages of gloom and doom. Please take just a little bit of time and research to see how many of Luz de Maria’s messages have never come true!! Here is the message from the website “afterthewarning”.

    Beloved children of the King of Heaven and Earth:
    The land will sink in several parts of the planet bringing about great astonishment. Man will discover life in the depths of the Earth, and that Earth has cradled them as it has cradled man. Humankind will be amazed and these intelligent creatures will be horrified to see what humankind has become.
    The Earth trembles. When a Light that is more than light crosses the space above and comes towards the Earth at a great speed, mankind will become aware of his nothingness and the darkness of his will be more than darkness.

  3. these message are pretty scary, but i believe they are true.. i also believe in the Bayside,/Veronica Lueken messages and those have been officially’ banned’ by the church. there was a lot of weird stuff in Veonica’s messags and I can understand it was easy for the Church to just say she was a ‘fake’.. this lady here, is obviously not a fake.. this is scary times.. I do believ we are getting closer to the End.. the best thing for us Christians and Catholics to do.. stay close to God and Jesus, pray, read the Bible attend church/Catholic Mass.. say the Rosary, the usual things.. if we stay close to God we don’t have to worry about scary prophecies.. God will take care of us!!! Amen

    1. Our Lady in Garabandal said in 1965 on he final appearance which I believe to be authentic, This the last warning there will be NO more. Check it out.
      So after 1965 I believe this WAS the last. No more to Anyone after that.

      1. Yes, Mary’s last warning giving at Garabandal says this will be the last warning. Means Mary’s last appearance and message at Garabandal is her last warning message at Garabandal, that’s all. It does not mean Garabandal is her last message to the world.

  4. As a very inspirational and holy man (St Padre Pio) said Pray, Hope, and Don’t worry If anyone wants to know what God wants just read his short books you dont’t need someone scaring people and making them worry. I believe this great Saint is someone who we should be listening to not deceptive people who try to make up stories. Too bad there are people out there who choose to put fear into people. Totally against what St Pio says., I believe a man who had then stigmata is alot more believeable then all these stories., Remember, PRAY< HOPE<and DON'T WORRY Not hard to follow.,

    1. Hi Angela, thanks for your comment.
      Not worrying does not mean not believing. The attitude mentioned by St. Padre Pio is not incompatible with believing the prophetic revelations. I, for example, have this attitude of not being distressed and it does not mean that I think that the revelations will not be fulfilled. There are many biblical cases of revelations coming from God that have a message of destruction, and such is the case of Jonah and the Ninevites. On the other hand, since God knows the future and can give His children all the necessary warnings to keep them safe from dangers, this would not be achieved if the prophetic messages did not speak of any danger at all, even though we know from our intelligence that the dangers and insidiousness of this time are more serious than those of other past times.
      Recommended reading for anyone interested in the subject:

      1. And if you keep telling people what MAY happen only causes distress…Pray and believe and leave the rest up to God. No matter how people are told what could happen will not change. We have to accept Gods will and just follow our teachings and not try to predict what may or may not happen and we have to do this or that so it doesn/t. People should be charitable and help others and love God and be ready to accept his will. If you truly believe and trust in God it means you believe and not let the devil send you into a state of worrying. Exactly what he would like you to do. It would show you have no faith because you are not leaving this all in God s hands.So worrying does mean not believing…Read Jesus You take over..Father DolindoRuotolo very short prayer

    2. I would also like to ask you what things you consider that cause fear in these revelations and if it is possible, if the fear would arise from considering that human beings could perform ‘certain actions’ to the detriment of other human beings, because in that case the fear would have to be of the current society and not of the revelations that simply warn us of the dangers.

      1. I know people who are extremely agitated and anxious over the myriad of messages by all these visionaries. They are running around trying to get blessed grapes, gallons of holy water, blessed candles, Good Samaritan oil, etc. And they are trying to figure out how to make a refuge and get that just right, and figure out when to look out the window and when not to look out the window, and whether or not they will recognize this flame that is supposedly the Holy Spirit that will guide them to the refuge or tell them where to go. It’s just too much for a lot of people, especially the frail elderly. All these visionaries and seers are doing a lot of damage. YouTube is a particular culprit. There was a post on there that claimed one of the women at Medjugorje had told people to throw out dirty carpets, broken mirrors, and wilted house plants and then go to confession. Over a houseplant? Wow.

    3. I agree. Just because a bishop of the Church said (thus far) none of the writings/prayers contradict the Faith does not mean it’s a heavenly apparition. When an apparition talks ad nauseum you can bet it’s from the devil. And that is the case here, imho. The woman (Luz) may not be evil but simply deceived. The prudent approach for all Catholics is skepticism.

      1. Yes, not yet approved. But so far not contrary to teaching. Catholicism is realism. We can take the warnings, it’s the people who become scrupulous with all the “remedies”. Some of the faithful will die with the unfaithful. We will suffer if we’re still alive during this. He will take care of us, but have to trust and surrender completely. Pray a perpetual Surrender Novena in these times. We may not be spared but God will give us the grace and strength we need to endure it to the end. But we will still suffer. We are living Christ’s Passion. I think we’re at the Crown of Thorns, I heard someone say. Getting close to really Carrying the Cross, then the end, Crucifixion/death or martyrdom.

  5. Why is it on the youtube channel ‘Hail Mary most pure…..’ but never says ‘pray for us’. That alone says in all, indeed in the end days it is written that the false prophets will outnumber the true prophets of God.

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment!
      The “Hail Mary Most Pure” and the response “conceived without sin” is an ancient greeting between believers since the early Church; a greeting that unfortunately has fallen into disuse.
      It is a greeting that nowadays, although strictly speaking it is not part of the initial rite of the sacrament of reconciliation, it is normally used when the confessing priest greets the penitent before administering the sacrament of confession.
      Regarding false prophets, it is true that there are numerous false prophets, and this can be a fun way to understand it: ask 10 unknown people if they are Christians, among those people there will surely be those who will tell you no, when you ask them why they are not, then you will discover the false prophets (term that can also be translated as teachers). Those who educated people in error either by teaching them that the universe and all matter created itself out of nothing (big bang), others will tell you that they are atheists or believe only in what they can prove by science, others will tell you that they profess other religions or believings, etc. All those who were introduced into error were at some point seduced by false prophets and you will see how many there are in the world. On the other hand, as our Lord has said, Satan does not fight with himself because otherwise his kingdom would go to ruin, and that is not what we see today. Therefore, it would be a mistake to qualify as false prophets those who recognize Jesus Christ as God and Lord and whose messages call for conversion and turning away from sin… If you are interested read our entry on false prophets here:

  6. It seems that these notices give more info than say Medjugorje, during which Our Lady just requests prayer and conversion and doesn’t want to “scare us.” Some of these messages, however, do seem to be authentic to me. It is confusing to me why there is such a huge difference between these messages and the Medjugorje. The question I have is about the preparations recommended here and about people eating one another. It seems to me that Satan could be the initiator of some of the messages because he would possibly want us to be distracted about preparations. If conversion is needed, people could really fail to do so because they focus on the food prep. I just prayed 20 decades of the rosary and even now I find it difficult to discern this properly! I trust that Luz authentically cares and is having real experiences. In the end we will know for sure sure. I am definitely going to stay tuned and pray and prepare. I am grateful that all of you that support this mission are giving your time to share the messages. That there is Bishop approval is good. Have all of the prophecies been fulfilled that have passed thus far? Thanks so much!

    1. But Jesus, realizing their thoughts, said to them, “Every kingdom divided against itself is destroyed, and a divided household falls. So if Satan too is divided against himself, how will his kingdom stand? I ask you this because you claim that I cast out demons by Beelzebul. (Lk 11:17-18)
      The topic of false prophets has already been treated here: (About false prophets and discernment)

    2. I also wonder why her alleged prophecies are honoured by the bishop of Nicaragua, and not Argentina? In Catholic Church the first person to decide whether this kind od phenomenon is righteous is the bishop of the place where such things happen. I would really appreciate it if the bishop of the place of her residence commented on that.

      1. Hi Noel thanks for your comment.
        In an interview, if I remember correctly, Luz said that she was taken to that bishop in Nicaragua to review and approve the Imprimatur, implying that the Spirit wanted it that way. It would be nice if there were many more imprimaturs, but considering the word of Jesus, they should not be necessary for us to believe:
        “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.” (Jn. 10:14)
        Jesus’ sheep recognize his voice, his word is recognizable without the need for a document.

        It worries me more that the holy order (priests and seminarians) generally ignores prophetic revelations (not only those of Luz), when they should be the ones who follow and study them the most, if I think that there are seminarians and priests who do not know about the revelations to Maria Valtorta the picture becomes clearer regarding many things that happen in the Church. Nowadays we read a lot of what theologians write, while the word of Jesus himself is left aside, so it should not be strange to see the results of this procedure.

  7. I’ve read all the comments in this chat, and there seems to be a lot of reasons presented as to why we should think LdM isn’t really a mystic. Could some people post some reasons for why we should think she IS a mystic?

      1. You don’t need to be either a genius or a theologian to right away notice how off all of this is.
        People always have a need to believe and that’s what the evil one exploits.
        Even if her apparitions are real (which is doubtful); it’s obvious that the devil, who is the father of lies, is behind it.
        Remember the Bible DOES say that in (these) the last days many false prophets will arise; and this won’t be the first or last of them.
        God and our Lady have already revealed to us everything we need to know and there’s no need to be reading unhealthy scandalizing garbage. Please be careful.

      2. We have already discussed false prophets in this article (essentially, false prophet is anyone who teaches things contrary to the gospel, so it is true that in these times they have multiplied, but of course they are not precisely the instruments of God who call to conversion, but others who from the sciences and pseudo sciences want to provide solutions to the existence of man and the universe other than that expressed in the Bible) Luz de Maria meets the 3 basic biblical rules of discernment of spirits, which are: to recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord, its messages call to conversion and finally in the messages no debauchery is introduced regarding the duties of man in his relationship with God. These three basic rules alone make it impossible to question a prophet without falling in imprudence. Additionally, the revelations to Luz de Maria were already reviewed by at least one bishop who granted an Imprimatur recommending to read them. Also Luz de Maria was one of the few prophets who anticipated the coming of the pandemic (at that time also some could qualify her messages as capable of producing fear). It is enough to see the comments left by the users in her Youtube channel to appreciate the fruits of conversion that the messages of Luz de Maria produce in the audience. As we know from the words of our Lord, Satan does not fight with himself because otherwise his kingdom would be destroyed (Lk 11:17-18), therefore we know that the fruits of conversion come only from God. Finally, as it was affirmed in revelations to the great mystic Maria Valtorta, – the mandatory reference always for its unmatched and greater doctrinal content in the revelations: to walk on safe paths it is necessary to believe that all that the prophets speak is true, as long as they do not oppose the great revelation (the Bible).

  8. Some of these predictions seem to contradict each other. At one point she says this: “Our Lord Jesus Christ, 01.16.2019 ‘The Earth’s magnetic field has entered into a process of definitive alteration and the protective effect upon Earth has therefore weakened, exposing humanity to a loss of scientific advances and an unprecedented technological regression.'” And then later she talks about a microchip being used to control our minds, “The blessed virgin Mary 07.07.2017, ‘Through the microchip, man’s thinking will be nullified.” If “unprecedented technological regression” is coming, how is the government supposed to control us using cutting-edge microchips, the likes of which we’ve never seen before?

    1. Hello Mario, I think it would be easier to discuss this topic in the forum than through comments. One possibility is that (massive) microchip implantation occurs before the technological setback. There is also the possibility that the technological backlash could occur before, but that it would not affect all countries with the same severity, or that those who own the money, the world’s elites, may have access to the technology that could be down for most of people (or for a part of society). On the website, I have already expressed concern (link here) that the microchip may be used (firstly) as a control system for the masses of migrants that are becoming more and more common in various parts of the world. The emergence of a problem in the power supply, and consequently in the use of technology, would generate many problems in today’s societies and I think that the number of people in vulnerable situations wanting to migrate to other countries would increase in such cases.

      1. That could be. Since a microchip wouldn’t impact the world very much if it only lasted for a year, I think the theory that technology would go down only in certain places is more likely. If, say, half the technology on earth shut down, that could still warrant the event being called “an unprecedented technological regression.”

      2. Look up the Carrington event of 1859, a coronal mass ejection CME that burned up most of the electrical systems of that time and required years to recover from at a time when electricity was hardly used. An event with similar power today could take over a decade to recover from. Imagine all the cell phones, computers, cars, tvs, and other vital technologies burned out over most of the world. Smaller events also happened in 1921 New York, 1989 Quebec, and minor events affecting satelites happen frequently. A massive worlwide technology setback can happen anytime with minimal warning.

    2. Luz de Maria / FALSE PROPHET??

      Message from St. Michael the Archangel
      By Luz de Maria

      The following is taken from a message to Luz de Maria on Nov 5th, 2014. This is a very odd message to say the least and nothing biblical that I’m aware of (intelligent creatures living under the earth??) and one that years later has still NOT come true, like so many of these visionaries messages of gloom and doom. Please take just a little bit of time and research to see how many of Luz de Maria’s messages have never come true!! Here is the message from the website “afterthewarning”.

      Beloved children of the King of Heaven and Earth:
      The land will sink in several parts of the planet bringing about great astonishment. Man will discover life in the depths of the Earth, and that Earth has cradled them as it has cradled man. Humankind will be amazed and these intelligent creatures will be horrified to see what humankind has become.
      The Earth trembles. When a Light that is more than light crosses the space above and comes towards the Earth at a great speed, mankind will become aware of his nothingness and the darkness of his will be more than darkness.

  9. I do. I’m so glad you’re the same. I’ve already told family members about unfolding events. They are not listening. In fact, one sister and my granddaughter have removed themselves frim my chat. I’m sure they think I’ve lost the plot. I stopped telling them about Prophecies. I’ve seen negative comments about Luz de Maria. If I explain the latest message, its easy to investigate this lady. Then all family members would just turn off. I don’t know what to do….

    1. Hello Margaret, thanks for your comment. I think many of us have been there, and we have to see it as a grace, to experience the lot of the prophets, so that we are rewarded along with them. As the messages say, the world today is given to sin and indifference, it does not find reasons or interests in religion, but through prayer and our acts of reparation many of them will change and convert…..

    2. Do not be perturbed by what your family or friends think about these and other prophecies. If Jesus was rejected in his own land, by his own people (think of the Jew back in his times), we can’t expect less from light Catholics or separated brothers or unbelievers.

  10. I see from her latest message that in just a few DAYS (not even a few weeks) the terrible events preceding the Warning will occur. I’m worried that if I tell my friends, family and neighbors and nothing occurs I will make a mockery of Holy Mother Church. I nearly did the same thing with Fr Michel Rodrigue’s prophesy last October when he said everybody absolutely needed to make their general confession by then. Does anyone else feel similarly cautious and reticent lest we bring the Church into disrepute?

    1. Hello, thanks for the comment! That is one of the possible interpretations, the other and the one I am leaning towards, is that it refers to the fact that the events prior to the Warning can occur in their totality in a short span of time between them, that is to say that they are events chained one after the other, and not that they will happen within a few days from today.
      This is the official translation to English published in Luz de Maria’s website:

      1. To clarify: (Mt 24:23 “If anyone says to you then, ‘Look, here is the Messiah!’ or, ‘There he is!’ do not believe it. “)
        The event known as the Warning will be prior to the second coming of Christ.

      1. Do not let them fool you with dates! Stay prepared like the virgins with your lamps full of oil! (Mt 25,4).” (Message to Luz de Maria Feb. 01, 2021)
        There are some messages in which Our Lord or Blessed Virgin Mary say not to trust those who give specific dates because the revelations don’t tell when exactly things will happen, but give some clues related to events or signs.

  11. In one of latest messages, allegedly revealed by Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz, it is said that ‘everyone living near the sea coasts should move to higher places’, or inland. This, and also recommendation of using ‘holy grapes’, placed me into serious doubts about authenticity of these alleged locutions. I mean, would our Lady really say something like this? Most of today’s world population are concetrated along the coast lines! It is not easy to move, especially to people with jobs, families… No, i don’t think heavenly beings would speak like this, and i don’t believe Luz is true prophet of God. Sorry

    1. Hello Sonja, if moving inland would be too difficult for you, I think there are still many simple measures that you could take as a precaution, in the form of preparations in case you must evacuate in the case of an unexpected event. Possibly not all coastal areas have the same risk, and those where the height is higher should be in a better situation, it is necessary to know the height above sea level.
      Not only the revelations warn of a critical situation for coastal areas but also the press in general: report-flooded-future-global-vulnerability-to-sea-level-rise-worse-than-previously-understood

    2. Hi! I do follow Luz de Maria’s messages. I haven’t had a reason to believe she is a false prophet until today. Today, I saw a YouTube video of Vince Sigala saying that the seer Mama Rosa that originally received the recipe of “the blessed grapes” the church condemned her messages in 1970 and then again in 2005. If she was ordered by church NOT to spread the messages, why then does Luz promote the grapes?

      1. Hi Yesenia, could you share the link to the video you mentioned?
        I’m not sure I understand what you mean by saying that the Church condemned the messages of Mamma Rosa, but you must keep in mind two things, one that the Church is the People of God and not only the clergy, a bishop, a priest or an incomplete group of people, the Church is all the faithful, from a simple google search you can see then that the Church approved the messages to Mamma Rosa, for that you must understand well what the term “Church” refers to. For this reason it is necessary to avoid constructing an erroneous idea of what the Church is.

        On the other hand, there have been cases of saints who today are proclaimed by the Church, who at the time were ordered by the authorities not to spread the messages they received, this does not imply a condemnation of those but sometimes there are different reasons for this. This same thing happened to Jesus when he was rejected by the religious authorities (scribes and Pharisees), and it happens constantly within the Church also in this time, for this reason it is necessary to know how to make discernment and if you go to the voice of an expert for advice, make sure that it is not a case of the blind leading the blind, lest they both fall into the pit.

        We at DEUNANUBE.COM fully support the work of Luz de Maria, recognizing her as an authentic prophet and we do it based on solid and founded arguments, not based on whims or arbitrariness, one should investigate why and who are those who do not recognize Luz de Maria as an authentic prophet since they probably incur in arbitrariness and flimsy arguments that have already been refuted by us. We have seen that many of those who criticize Luz de Maria are in favor of receiving Communion in the hand (even before the pandemic times), if we remember that one of the signs of the false prophet is to introduce licentiousness in the duties towards God, it is easy to understand that the false prophets in reality are those who do not recognize Luz de Maria and instead introduce heresies within the Church (and some of them are inside the Clergy).

  12. Hello! According to Lúz de Maria: was COVID 19 wanted by God or a trick from the devil? Does Lúz de Maria give somewhere a description of saint Mary’s appearance?

    1. Hi Martijn, thanks for your comment!
      This is a fragment of a relevant message:
      “Children, not only are you confronted with this disease, but more diseases have been prepared for youthe product of human will, not My Will.” (…) -Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria – Nov. 07, 2020
      In our post about Medicinal Plants you may find some more messages about the diseases, you can find the link in the site’s menu.
      Regarding Luz de Maria’s description of the appearance of the Virgin Mary I thought it was an interesting topic to write about in the forum so I made a post there, read it here:
      About the description of Virgin Mary’s appearance in the messages to Luz de Maria.
      God Bless.

    2. Yes
      I included it at the beginning of the email. Read the notes written above. “Luz de Maria and the Catholic Church.

    3. Be very careful. When someone claims the following, you must be on your guard immediately. “Christ makes known to her the persecution, injustice, defamation and slander which she will face from those who do not accept these Divine Calls and who will not tire of persecuting her so as to end this Work,…”. Rubbish and nonsense. These are Satan’s words. Jesus would NEVER say such a thing about private revelation, and even Canon Law distinctly refers to the faithful as being free to accept or not. This woman is NOT doing God’s work, she is a fake and false prophet. Her words, alone, condemn her. Do NOT be deceived!

      1. Your comment seems to lack justification. As we say above Luz de Maria’s messages were granted an imprimatur, hence there is already a revision of the messages made by a bishop regarding faith and doctrine. As you say everyone is free to believe or not.

      2. Agreed. Even the author of this article just contradicted himself via his comment. The article states a prayer written by her received an Imprimatur, NOT her messages. Sounds like a tool from Satan to instill fear.

      3. Hi Mary, the article says that both the messages and the prayers received imprimaturs. If you read it in its entirety you will see that there is no contradiction.
        About the fear that the revelations may cause (if they do), I do not see why to worry about it, if you read the Bible you will see many similar cases, for instance the revelation of Jonah to the Ninevites.
        *Jon 3:4 As Jonah started into the city on the first day’s journey, he proclaimed the message, “40 days more and Nineveh will be overthrown!”
        Yet the Ninevites believed and converted. Jesus draws attention back to the Ninevites because he knows that even today there are many who are unbelievers to prophecy.
        *Mt 12:41 “The men of Nineveh will stand up at the judgment and condemn the people living today, because they repented at the preaching of Jonah. But look —something greater than Jonah is here!”

  13. I read in the nineties: Concerning a third world war: “The third world war will not take place.” July 21, 1982 (Medjugorje) and Garabandal apparently.

    1. Hi John, thanks for your comment. It’s an interesting quote from Medjugorge, but consider also this word of Jesus about the end times:
      “For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; and there will be famines, plagues, and earthquakes in various places.” (Mt 24: 7; Mk 13: 8; Lk 21:10)
      It seems to support the idea of a world war, however, as humans have free will, it all depends on the decisions that are made. Prophecy warns us about something that could happen, whether it finally happens or not depends on the decisions of man. Likewise, the conversion of the Ninevites suspended the fulfillment of the prophecy of their destruction. Regretfully, I see we are not close to the conversion of the Ninevites, when even the Church not only does not recognize the revelations proceeding from Heaven but calls the faithful to dismiss them.. (not all of course as we are also part of the church and there are bishops who are worried about these things)
      Luz de Maria’s revelations about Third World War can be read here.

      1. When you say, “even the Church not only does not recognize the revelations proceeding from Heaven but calls the faithful to dismiss them.” Do you mean that certain Church authorities have told us not to believe in Luz de Maria de Bonilla’s revelations? If so, which Church authorities have said this?

      2. I do not believe that Our Lady would ever want us to feel scared or confused.
        These messages here are not clear. They are full of intertwined confusion. When I read the Bible I feel clarity. I always fills me with peace. As soon as heard this message a feeling of fear and panic overwhelmed me. God doesnt want us to panic. Mary doesnt want us to panic. But this mystic lady sends messages of fear and panic. No. I do not believe this.
        Only prayer to God, Our Lady and the Bible are the only true ways to got.
        All these messages are just there to take you away from your prayers and plant fear. When you have fear, you cannot pray or read the Bible.

      3. Consider a scenario like this: the rulers of a nation are informed that an earthquake occurred in an area of the ocean that produced a tsunami and that in 6 hours the waters are expected to invade the coasts of their nation causing devastation, therefore they send an alert to their citizens by sounding a tsunami alarm so that those who are there move away from the coasts.
        Now, in this case,
        1) Is the goal of the message of the rulers to cause fear and panic, or to allow preparation in advance of an event that they know will occur and in that case fear is an unavoidable accessory?
        2) To the citizens who are on the coast, when they hear the siren, which will be more useful: to feel fear in order to retreat to a safe place, or to ignore the alert thinking that nothing will happen?
        3) If the rulers of a nation can be warned in advance of certain events, how much more God who knows human history in its past, present and future can warn his own children?

    2. This meant the Third World War would not occur at the time back in the 80’s. It doesn’t mean there won’t be a Third World War at a later time.

  14. Their was reference to the Russians increasing their oil prices in November but this did not happen. Also a reference to earthquakes around Christmas still nothing. I’m still testing these prophecies and praying the rosary and above all trusting in Jesus

    1. We are now hearing about the Russians raising prices. Prophecies don’t happen immediately after they are given unless stated so I think you were jumping the gun a bit.

    2. Our lady wouldn’t give us these tiny details about oil prices etc. Be like children. Pray hope and don’t worry as padre pio said. Faith! These messages I still fear only.

  15. Truly how can one tell a true prophet from a false one. I have read some religious messages indicated that the day of illumination will occur soon. Luz de Maria indicated it will occur before the end of 2020 and encouraged people to go to confession ASAP. While there are references to this with other prophetic messages, how is this so? Personally, I am praying this will happen, given the turmoil our world is in.

    1. Hi Debra, we published an article on the subject here:

      Regarding a day of illumination (I guess it is about the Warning), I don’t remember Luz de Maria or the revelations giving a specific date. In fact there are some messages in which Our Lord or Blessed Virgin Mary say not to trust those who give specific dates because the revelations don’t tell when exactly things will happen, but give some clues related to events or signs.

    2. Luz de Maria said no such thing about 2020 you must be getting her mixed up with another claimed mystic.

    3. “Truly how can one tell a true prophet from a false one.”

      1. do the 33 days consecration to Our Lady of St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort. She will take care of the rest.
      2. one rosary AT LEAST per day
      3. daily meditation of the gospel (you can start doing 10 minutes per day)

  16. Another website that supports Luz de Maria’s prophecies mentions blessed grapes for the end of times. Is there any truth to it? Did Blessed
    Mother Mary actually say this to Luz de Maria?
    Thank you, in advance, and I look forward to your response.

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes that’s true. You can read about it in the message of October 27, 2014.

    2. All I know is that traditionally in the Orthodox Church we bless grapes on the Transfiguration.

  17. She talks about the asteorid which Our Lady did tell Sr Lucia about in 1929. She said that much of Europe would dissapear beneatht the water. She also told St Patrick the same thing about Ireland. So Our Lady has spoken of these before to prophets.

  18. Again as Mother Mary said.. the Pope will suffer much… pray the Rosary & I will save the world.. folks that’s all we NEED.. Those words….PRAY THE ROSARY… Give me an ARMY OF ROSARIES AND I WILL SAVE THE WORLD.

  19. Just wondering if LM has heard of The Divine Will of God, Luisa Piccarreta, and if there are any references to the Sanctification period to which all of her messages are leading, especially the purification of humanity, and the new era of ‘Thy Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.’

    1. Luisa is a servant of God approved by the Church. And Luz de Maria’s message do speak about Divine Will.

  20. I have been watching/listening to these messages over and over again for many weeks now. Please pray for my complete conversion. Thank you!

      1. I strongly adhere to this. Jesus came to the world through the Holy Virgin Mary, the way to Him is therefore through her. And the Rosary as the instrument of salvation of one’s souls has been preached by St. Louis Marie Grignon de Montfort, Sister Lucia in Fatima, Sister A. Sasagawa in Akita, and by satan himself (read the exorcism St Dominic performed on a possessed man and the apparition of Our Lady that took place there).

        I would also add the conssecration to Our Lady of St. Louis Marie Grignon as a lightspeed accelerator to holiness, and the Consecration to St. Joseph by Fr. Calloway. As a third one, I would also include the consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. These consecrations I talk about take 33 days each, but their are ultra effective.

        Do not forget to go to monthly confession and get as many holy communions as you can during the week.

  21. “Test the spirits”. This is all very interesting. I was in a healing ministry and the priest did not want any woman wearing pants, to bring up the offering. I see (LdM) her in pants in one of her pictures. So I too am dubious.

    1. I did start wearing skirts and dresses to the church, but I felt very cold, I find pants (not tight jeans) to be protective. And Im not comfortable showing any part of my legs. Most of the time I wear pants under my dress and skirts.

    2. Out of curiosity, what country is did you healing ministry take place in? The Church has no blanket standards for modesty, but perhaps pants are considered immodest in the culture the ministry took place in? Is LdM from a similar culture, and thus, her wearing pants causes doubt?

  22. I wish there would be an answer to the question! “Are the messages approved by the Catholic Church?”

    1. Hi LJ thanks for your comment.
      Even if you had an official, short and simple answer, either positive or negative, would it be any different?

      “Do not quench the Spirit.
      Do not despise prophetic utterances.
      Test everything; retain what is good.”
      (1 Thes 5:19-21)

      “I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. “ (Jn. 10:14)

      “And he said to them, “Oh, how foolish you are! How slow of heart to believe all that the prophets spoke!” (Lk. 24:25)

      “Blessed are you when they insult you and persecute you and utter every kind of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Mt. 5:11-12)

      “The Advocate, the holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name—he will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.” (Jn 14:26)

      1. Why do you quote Bible Verses that have nothing to do with the question? I have quite a bit of experience (decades) dealing with alleged mystics. Međugorje is FALSE. I also investigated another claimed mystic for over 16 years–who was also FALSE (and now dead). LdM seems very suspect. An Imprimatur doesn’t mean that the contents are true or approved, but that nothing against Catholic teaching is found. Many so-claimed mystics try to use such things to boost credibility. But there’s way more false mystics and the devil is an effective deceiver. It would be nice if this one is true.
        But what is more important is to pray the Holy Rosary every day, going to frequent Confession (every other week is best) and follow the Catholic Church and not chase after every claimed mystic.

    2. These messages are given to her because God is desperate to save as many souls as possible in these End Times. He doesn’t want to lose a single soul. There is no time to wait years for a process to be carried out. Believe..

      1. God never despairs, does not need to despair. He is EVERYTHING in EVERYTHING!

    3. I have my own suspicions… but are there any miracles to authenticate the revelations??? I heard about the antichrist.. and in my mind…I prayed that my thoughts be purified… then the church is doomed & I do not think Jesus Christ who established a rock of a church would want it. But I have also read about false prophets… On the other hand… The revelations of Sr Faustina… revealed to her spiritual director who became Pope John Paul II… came to pass…
      So I am only trusting Mother Marys revelations in Fatima & The Divine Mercy revelations.

      1. We will publish an article about the confusing subject of false prophets, of which there are examples even in the Bible itself (like Simon the sorcerer mentioned in Acts). One should be careful because saying something is false when it comes from God is like when pharisees said Jesus did the miracles by the power of beelzebu. Good works don’t come from evil powers.

      2. St. Faustina’s messages were not approved until 1982 – not while she lived. And from what I understand quite a number of prophecies from Luz de Maria have already happened. Such as 9/11, and specific earthquakes including in Japan. She has the approval of her Bishop and 2 priests that are with her constantly. That to me indicates approval because it is the Bishop that reviews and approves. Nonetheless and regardless, if we are searching and reading I think we are also listening. Pray the rosary, pray for conversion of sinners, prepare our souls. What is a certainty and confirmed by popes themselves is that we are in the end times. So what else is needed? We need to pray.

    4. I think they are not. Something is not right. Read St Faustina, St. Gemma, St. Padre Pio material. They all have very common language spoken by Our Mother, Jesus and Angels. It’s not similar nor any intimate love shown by Christ that usually given to women. Plus, usually these chosen ones experience more pain and numerous spiritual attacks not recovery. It strengthens their faith.

  23. Yes one should be very careful in following any post Apostle profits even those who seem to teach sound doctrine, but that being said the world has changed drastically since the time of the Apostles and for them or even Christ himself to teach how to deal with maters in our modern world would have confused people a hundred or even fifty years ago. So it makes sense that God would see the need to give special guidance to his people as the world’s societies progressed, or should I say descended into depravity. We also should remind ourselves that in Jesus’s time the most learned spiritual leaders, could find nothing but fault with everything He said or did, so self-righteous as to have Him put to death.

  24. Right, nothing can be farther from the truth, because this Angel of peace, as I see, is revealed to Luz de Maria as someone who is taking the place of the one called the Word of God, who will shepherd with an iron rod his sheep (Rev 19 or Rev 12),because she was revealed, supposedly by Jesus, “I will send my Angel of peace with iron rod” (16.01.2019). Also, because, it is Jesus, the Word of God, with those dressed in fine white linen (the saints in heaven) (Rev 19), who will fight and conquer the false prophet and the Antichrist (Rev 19), and not a supposed Angel of peace fighting with the apostles of the last times, as it was revealed to her, supposedly by the Virgin Mary on message 10.05.2015. For these reasons, I think this revelations, although they say a lot of truth and she seems to have a sound doctrine, what matter is that she is being led and leading many to believe in someone who will be an impostor, probably the false prophet who will work wonders in the presence of the Antichrist and deceive many, and probably the one who will lead to Rome to lose the true faith. Therefore, I think we should be extremely careful with the Revelations of Luz de Maria.

    1. Hi Bradford, thanks for your comments.
      I didn’t find the reference to those words (16.01.2019) neither in the english translation nor in the original spanish of the published Messages.
      I don’t see a connection with the Angel of Peace and what Rev. 19 says about the rider of the white horse who rules with an iron rod either. I do not know if the Angel of Peace is scriptural or not but there are plenty of references to angels in the book of Revelations, see Rev. 10 as an example.

  25. I think, she has sound doctrine, except one thing: the Angel of peace sounds like it is not scriptural, since the only place that can fit is the place where Jesus comes in a white horse, whose name is the Word of God and who conquers the Antichrist and the false prophet. She has been revealed that this one is not a prophet of old, nor a pope, is just a dear chosen by God to help his people when the Antichrist is in power. The two witnessess have already fulfilled their mission. So who is this personage that seems to be a restorer of faith and of the church? It sounds to me dubious, because is like some form of millenarist which pretends a good restored life on earth (catechism 676), while the Church says that the Kingdom will be fulfilled, not by a historic triumph, but by God’s victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause His Bride to come down from Heaven (Catechism 677). Besides, the one the White horse will fight together with the celestial angels (see Rev. 19?). So, I think this one is Jesus and not precisely an Angel of peace.

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