Aceite del buen samaritano

How To Make Oil of The Good Samaritan. Revelations

The ‘Oil of the Good Samaritan’, its origins, what it is used for, how to make it at home and how to use it.

1. Introduction

While the Bubonic Plague (Black Death), which killed more than 200 million people, caused havoc in the 15th Century Europe, in the year 1413, four thieves were captured and accused of appropriating the belongings of dead and dying people. When the thieves were prosecuted, the judge offered them clemency if they revealed how they avoided getting the infection while they were stealing the goods.

When being interrogated, they said that they were perfumers and merchants of spices, and that they had heard of a special preparation of aromatic herbs and other ingredients, which by rubbing it in their hands, ears, and temples protected them from the disease. This is why it was called «Four Thieves Vinegar».¹

The formula consisted of olive oil and several herbs like cinnamon, clove, lemon and rosemary among others.

A similar story is found in Milano, Italy, with written reports from the year 1630 accounting of a man being trialed for spreading the virus, who defended himself claiming that he was selling an ointment that preserved people from contagion. Before he was hanged the man confessed the formula, which is similar to Four thieves’. The man was hanged to death and the formula was known as the ‘Ointment of the hanged man’ (unguento dell’impicato).²

In 1998, a study was published about a new formula of essential oils named ‘Thieves’, which is based on Four thieves vinegar, by the University of Weber (Utah, United States) and proved that it is 99.96% effective against airborne bacteria. Bacterial cultures were sprayed in an enclosed space, and the mixture was dispersed for an amount of time.³

After 10 minutes of exposure, there was a reduction of..

  • 82% in the luteus micrococcus
  • 96% in aeruginosa pseudomonas
  • 44% in the staphylococcus aureus

2. Marian Revelations


On June 3rd, 2016, the Blessed Mother gave Luz de Maria indications to change its name and rename it as “OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN”, as well as to start using it from now on as a preventive against upcoming epidemics:

Our Most Holy Mother, dressed in white in a garment that looks like fine lace -I seem to see shapes like roses on Her dress-with brushstrokes in light blue pastel the roses I see are more defined.

Her blessed translucent Mantle allowed me to see the constellations that seemed to hang from Her Mantle and gave shine and light to the figure of the Mother. Her light brown hair was down with waves that seemed to play with a slight breeze that always precedes Her arrival. She looks at me and speaks to me, and extending Her delicate and blessed Hands, She takes me to see the following:

“Men from different cultures and of different races are united, but not in Christ’s Love, but in a large combined army of alliances; they walk towards Italy leaving behind a trail of death as they walk. It is a large and powerful army; the rest of the world practically shudders at the decisive advance of this army towards Italy. I see them advance and the United States, in pain and suffering, appears immediately. Our Mother indicates to me to look to the sky and I… when I look, I see a bright light that comes towards Earth.

I think it is a meteorite of great size; it is intercepted, but the biggest part goes towards the sea, towards the United States.

Suddenly, our Mother raises Her other Hand and I see human creatures sick with great plagues; I see a healthy person approach a sick one and is immediately infected… I ask our Mother, ‘How can we help these brothers?’ and She says, ‘USE NOW THE OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN. I GAVE YOU THE NECESSARY AND CONVENIENT INGREDIENTS.’

Plague is coming to Humanity and you, My children, know how to prevent it; do not dismiss My Assistance facing what science will not be capable of controlling promptly.

-Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria – May 02, 2018

More recently, in november 2019, a month before China publicly announced the ‘discovery’ of the novel Coronavirus, the Blessed Mother insisted again on the use of this oil:

THE PLAGUE IS ADVANCING, MY CHILDREN, IT IS ADVANCING AND CHANGING INTO A PANDEMIC, CAUSING TERROR AND FEAR. You have been warned by the Father’s House and have the teachings about natural medicines for combating these contagious diseases. PREPARE THE OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN TO PREVENT CONTAGION.

-Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de María – Nov. 03, 2019

Exposure to drastic changes in the climate greatly contributes to your organisms being exposed to respiratory complications, but at the same time the hand of man that expands chemicals and viruses through the air is implicit so that man gets sick more often and these become sometimes mortal for the human creature.

In the face of this, man must be protected to minimize his exposure to white trails when they cover the atmosphere. At the same time, man should spray Oil of the Good Samaritan over what he has chosen to protect his nose and mouth.

-Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de María – Dec. 21, 2019

Great plagues, pestilences generated by unknown viruses advance on humanity, use the Oil of the Good Samaritan as protection against a case of highly contagious disease where you live, with the tip of a pin in the earlobes will be fine, if the number of infected increases, you should place it on both sides of the neck and on the wrists of both hands.

-Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de María – Jan. 28, 2020

It is necessary for humanity to cry out to the Most Holy Trinity in order to obtain Divine Mercy and for this pandemic be appeased in the Divine Will, and together with prayer, I invite you to PLACE BLESSED OIL – AND IF YOU HAVE THE OIL OF THE GOOD SAMARITAN, PUT A DROP OF THIS OIL IN THE BLESSED OIL – AND WITH IT MARK THE FRAME OF THE FRONT DOOR OF YOUR HOUSE AND OF THE REAR DOOR, AS WELL AS TO REMAIN IN A STATE OF GRACE, WHICH IS ESSENTIAL AT THIS TIME.

-Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria – Mar. 15, 2020

3. Uses of the Oil of the Good Samaritan

The Oil of the Good Samaritan (formerly ‘Thieves Oil’) helps as protection against 99% of Infectious Biological Agents such as swine flu, bird flu and other viruses, bacteria and germs.

Note that this oil does not cure diseases, it is not a magic formula. This recipe prevents contagion, so it should be used in case of pandemics caused by bird flu, type A flu, conglomerate of people, visits to hospitals, contact with people with contagious diseases caused by bacteria, airborne viruses, tonsillitis or influenza.

It is a great preventive in case of throat ailment or sneezing.

4. Ingredients

  • A Carrier oil (olive, almond, coconut, etc -note that this one is not an essential oil)
  • 5 essential oils ( Lemon, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Clove.)

Essential oils can be purchased in a specialized business. In every country you can find these essential oils to make the mixture.

5. How to make Oil of the Good Samaritan with essential oils

To produce the Oil of the Good Samaritan at home you will need:

  • Glass bottles to hold the finished product -preferably amber colored bottles for essential oils.
  • A carrier oil (It could be olive oil, almond oil, etc.)
  • 5 essential oils (Lemon, Rosemary, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Clove.)
  • Glass bowl, or soup plate to mix the components (not made of plastic or metal).
  • Wooden spoon to stir and mix the oils.
  • Nitrile or Latex gloves to prevent the skin from being in contact with pure essential oils, since touching them while undiluted can be harmful if they spill over when trying to make the oil.
  • Some element to measure volume of liquids in milliliters (ml) or cubic centimeters (cc), a syringe can be used.

Note: Because they are irritating and allergenic compounds, caution is advised and you should keep materials away from children. Essential oils are concentrates that are toxic and quickly absorbed into the skin when not diluted into a carrier oil.

Glass bottles
A 5 ml amber bottle and a transparent glass bottle

While transparent glass containers can be used, it is preferable to store Good Samaritan’s Oil in amber colored containers to avoid the essential oils being affected by light over time. If these containers are not available, store in a dark and cool place.

As a rule of thumb, the mixture has 1 part of essential oils for every 5 parts of carrier oil. It is not necessary that the measurements be completely accurate. If more essential oil is added, the product will be more concentrated. If it is to be used topically on the skin, then it is important not to exceed the recommended proportions.

The recommended proportions for each bottle (or for the total of a batch of them) are the following (expressed in percentage of total):

Carrier oil: 84.746%
Clove essential oil: 3.39%
Eucalyptus essential oil: 3.39%
Rosemary essential oil: 3.39%
Lemon essential oil: 3.39%
Cinnamon essential oil: 1.695%

Let’s try a practical example using those proportions with measures in milliliters to understand better (Keep in mind that 1 litre equals 1,000 milliliters and a can of soda usually contains about 330 ml):

Desired amount of Oil of the Good Samaritan to make: 60 ml (cc)
Carrier Oil: 84.746 % = 50.84 ml
Clove Essential Oil: 3.39 % = 2.03 ml
Eucalyptus Essential Oil: 3.39 % = 2.03 ml
Rosemary Essential Oil: 3.39 % = 2.03 ml
Lemon Essential Oil: 3.39 % = 2.03 ml
Cinnamon Essential Oil: 1.695 % = 1.01 ml

Keep in mind that essential oils have compounds that in greater doses can be toxic to the body, so it is important to respect the recommended proportions.

If the bottles are very small (5 – 15 ml), it may be convenient to make a batch of many, making the mixture for the total of them.


How to make Oil of the Good Samaritan

  1. Clean and sterilize the bottles with alcohol and a cotton swab.

    Once the proportions of every oil have been calculated in milliliters, clean the bottles with alcohol and a cotton swab.Amber bottle cleaning

  2. Pour the carrier oil inside a glass bowl or soup plate.

    Pour the correct quantity of carrier oil inside the bowl. It will later be mixed with the essential oils.Carrier oil

  3. Put on the nitrile or latex gloves.

    Nitrile gloves are more chemical resistant and durable than latex ones but are more expensive.Gloves

  4. Add to the bowl the corresponding quantity of each essential oil and stir gently.

    Add all the essential oils in their correct proportions and mix gently with a wooden spoon until you obtain an homogeneous liquid.

  5. Use a syringe to extract the liquid for each bottle.

    With a syringe (without the metal nozzle) extract from the mixture the amount of ml corresponding to each bottle or vial, pour it inside the bottle and close the cap (you may have to put the orifice reducer before the cap). Repeat for each bottle.Syringe

  6. Store the bottles in a cool dark place.

    Avoid exposing the essential oils to the air, rather keep them in a closed amber glass container to prevent them from evaporating.

Tips & advice

  • With pure essential oils avoid using plastic containers, only use glass bowls and make sure not to touch essential oils with the skin as it is dangerous, always wear gloves.
  • To determine how much is a milliliter or two milliliters it is convenient to use a syringe with volume meter in milliliters or cc, it can be useful to have small vials such as for perfumery, thus you can determine how much volume occupies the required percentage and mark it on the glass and then pour each essential oil until the liquid reaches the mark.
  • By making the mixture for a batch of many bottles, you can obtain a more precise measurement than if you do only one or two.
  • Use preferably amber colored bottles as oils quickly volatilize with heat and sunlight.
  • Prepare it in a cool place, without exposing the oils to direct light.

6. An alternative with herbs instead of essential oils

The recipe our Blessed Mother has given carries pure essential oils, if these oils are not found, you can get the equivalent herbs of each oil. With the same amount of each herb, place the leaves and cinnamon sticks one by one in a slow cooker, or water bath (bain-marie), and add enough carrier oil to cover them 2cm above, then leave 8 hours cooking. Once they cool, pack.

Note: Although the concentration is not equal to that of essential oils because it is not a distillation process, it can be helpful for the cases described above, but not as effective as essential oils are.

7. How to use the Oil of the Good Samaritan

Before each use, shake the container gently to integrate the oils.

If never used before, try the Oil of the Good Samaritan on the forearm first, wait 25 minutes, if the skin becomes red, pour plenty of water and gradually the redness shall disappear. Such effects may indicate an allergy or that there wasn’t enough carrier oil.

Apply a drop of the Oil of the Good Samaritan on a pin and rub it on the temples. Other places where you can apply it are on the sole of your foot, neck, belly, earlobes, behind the ears, in the armpits and other joints. BVM (Jan. 28, 2020) suggests applying a small dose on the earlobes.

Other uses

Put 4 to 8 drops in a cotton or cloth piece and place in vents.

Place on cloth, handkerchief or mask and place over the mouth to breath or on the pillow in case of pandemics.

The Blessed Mother suggests spraying Oil of the Good Samaritan over the respirators (Message of Dec. 21, 2019).

To purify the air and eliminate viruses from the environment (home or office): use a diffuser, spray or a pan of boiling water with a few oil drops.

Oil burner
Essential oil burners can spread Oil of the Good Samaritan in a room

Put a few drops in a spray bottle with water to disinfect surfaces.

8. Precautions

  • Do not use an essential oil directly on the skin without first diluting it in some carrier oil. Essential oils alone are irritating and require careful handling.
  • For sensitive skin apply only on the sole of the foot.
  • Not recommended for use in pregnant women and children under 3 years old due to the harmful effects of essential oils.
  • Keep out from the reach of children.
  • Do not use if you are allergic to any of these components that are present in essential oils: Limonene, Citral, Eugenol, Cinnamal, Geraniol, Linalool, Coumarin.

In case of adverse reaction, wash with plenty of water and consult your doctor.

9. Where to buy Oil of the Good Samaritan

Note: Some businesses sell the same recipe with a different name, mostly undiluted 100% pure essential oils. You can find them by the names Thieves oil or Robber’s relief . Make sure the ingredients are the same, and if undiluted, remember to dilute the oil into a carrier oil before using topically on the skin.

To be listed here for free, send your contact information and the text of the notice using our contact form.

DEUNANUBE.COM just publishes the notices on its website without this meaning any approval or recommendation to the products offered by the vendor and does not take responsibility for the faults in which the latter may incur.

United StatesMy family runs a small business out of Kentucky where we make Good Samaritan Oil (and also St Michael Oil), following Luz de Maria’s recipe. Our good samaritan oil can be purchased at this link:
U.K.(Amazon) Ideal Products – Good Samaritan Oil -“Luz de Maria” Formula.
CanadaPara la comunidad hispana en Canadá, estamos elaborando y ponemos a disposición de ustedes el Aceite del Buen Samaritano en presentación roll-on de 10ml. Elaborado directamente en Ottawa, Ontario, Canadá.
Whatsapp: +1 613 882 1430
Lilia Villaseñor y Juan Carlos García
AustraliaI am making this Oil of The Good Samaritan as Our Lady has asked. Anyone unable to make or get the oils, I can send you a 15 ml bottle. Just email me with your address, this is for Australia only. Eileen Raman.
AustraliaHello, the Oil of the Good Samaritan will be for sale in Australia from February 2022 if you are not keen on making this yourself.
IrelandNo information available.
Italy(Amazon) Ideal Products -Olio del Buon Samaritano. Formula “Luz de Maria”.
France(Amazon) Ideal Products Huile du Bon Samaritain -Formule Luz de María-
Germany(Amazon) Ideal Products – Das Öl des Barmherzigen Samariters. Formel “Luz de Maria”
SwedenNo information available.
NetherlandsNo information available.
PhilippinesNo information available.

Your country is not listed? Request its inclusion with a comment at the bottom.

10. Future Prospects


We regularly hear news that point out the global concern over issues related to new viruses or more resistant strains that can become pandemic, not to mention war or bio-terrorism which is not a novelty but dates back to the First World War.

The beginning of the year 2020 brings with it a new coronavirus pandemic and an international health emergency in the attempt to reduce its worldwide expansion and mitigate its effects.

Faced with this scenario, revelations to Luz de Maria are not a surprise in relation to new illnesses that would emerge in the future and for which humanity should prepare.

Here are some brief relevant quotes taken from the revelations:

In case of contagious diseases (pestilences, plagues, others) anoint the doors and windows with holy oil. If you find yourselves sick, sprinkle the food with holy water and keep in mind the use of the medicinal plants My Mother has indicated you use for these unexpected circumstances.
Be creatures firm in faith, knowing that being endowed with reason and intelligence, you consciously obey the guidelines that the leaders of your countries indicate to you. My call is to remain alert. In this moment, humanity is threatened by illness. So at this time, you should protect and help one another with authentic love and with mercy, caring for your brothers and sisters as much as is possible, in the same way that you care for yourselves, and remain in your homes when your countries are being threatened by some epidemic.
Do not forget that My Glorious Cross is a sign for My faithful. Remain in My Mercy and protected by the Mantle of My Mother, not forgetting that solidarity is a standard of those who are Mine. Nourish the spirit through faith and try to store food to sustain the body.

-Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria – May, 2009

Cover yourselves with My Most Precious Blood, bless your bodies constantly, bless your food, do not forget that My Mother’s name drives demons away: HAIL MARY MOST PURE, CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN! Bless the water that you are going to drink, it is already contaminated and will cause human beings great sickness.

-Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria – Oct. 19, 2011

Plague advances causing havoc, seal yourselves in the Name of My Blood. Bless your food with the sign of My Cross and maintain faith alive.

-Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria – 12.02.2012


The Father gave man all that is necessary; not only to continue, to edify and advance in science, but in Nature man will find everything necessary to keep in good health. I know that some of you would abstain and would not even dare to try that which is found in nature and that I will mention to you, because man, just as he rebels against My Son and despises Him, as well as he denies Me as Mother, in that same way he denies nature’s attributes for his good, and will deny that a Mother steps ahead of the things that will affect Her children.

-Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria – Oct. 13, 2014

Beloved, sick and hungry there’s little man can do to work, and little he can do to grow in the spirit…


Beloved, the plague continues to spread; humankind will be shocked. Created by man himself, the plague will cause havoc; do not forget what My Mother has indicated..

-Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria – Mar. 03, 2015

Beloved, the plague moves ahead and another one arises which affects the digestive system with nausea and vomiting, and raising the body temperature until the creature sees his skin darken. This is the result of improper manipulation in the laboratories where great experiments are carried out.

-Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria – Jan. 21, 2016

Great diseases are spreading quickly and when they become known through the medical media, no longer able to hide them, it will be what My Mother has revealed to you for some diseases that will stop them, but in the midst of everything the creature’s Faith is needed.

-Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria – May 17, 2017

Pray My children, pray, do not forget that disease comes out of the laboratories; use what I have told you for health.

-Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria – May 20, 2017

Pray, My children; the sin of this generation is the scourge of the brothers, it bleeds Humanity with so much blasphemy, lust, impiety, and other sins; this generation is stained with human blood. This blood attracts to Earth the purification, thus the diseases that they will suffer have not been previously experienced and only with medications that I have given them and that I will give to them in My Calls will they be able to be healthy.

-Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria – Jun. 03, 2019

11. For further information

Read about the revelations on Foods and Health, and Medicinal Plants.

You may also want to visit the official site of Luz de Maria and their special on revelations about Epidemics, pandemics and plagues.

12. References

¹ a Four thieves vinegar
¹ b Four Thieves Vinegar: Evolution of a Medieval Medicine

² a Unguento dell’impiccato (1)
² b Unguento dell’impiccato (2)
² c Unguento dell’impiccato (3)

³ a Effect of a Diffused Essential Oil Blend on Bacterial Bioaerosols
³ b The Research Supporting Thieves Oil
³ c Antimicrobial Properties of Plant Essential Oils against Human Pathogens and Their Mode of Action: An Updated Review
³ d Antimicrobial Activity of Some Essential Oils-Present Status and Future Perspectives

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  1. Sorry, one more quick question. Is it acceptable to use BLESED Olive Oil as the carrier oil? Not just a drop of blessed oil in the recipe, but use 100% of the measurement for the carrier oil in the recipe-as Blessed olive oil?

  2. Do you have a pdf that explains (short version) of Who, What, When, Were and Why, along with the recipe? I am looking to print and give to others, along with the Oil of the Good Samaritan that I am making today. Thank you!

  3. Is this correct, for example:
    5 ml Eucalyptus
    5 ml Clove
    5 ml Lemon
    5 ml Rosemary
    2.5 ml Cinnamon (since its strong)
    25 ml carrier oil

    1. Hello Helen, that recipe is too concentrated, please do not exceed the percentages mentioned in point 5. If you have already prepared it, you should dilute the result with more carrier base oil until it is in the right proportion!

      1. The correct proportions would be like this:
        5 ml Eucalyptus
        5 ml Clove
        5 ml Lemon
        5 ml Rosemary
        2.5 ml Cinnamon
        125 ~ 150 ml carrier oil

        resulting in a total of 147.5 ~ 172.5 ml of the mix.

  4. What is with the glass bowl initially and its significance if you place your base oil in first and then mix in the essential oils? Only to then you use a plastic syringe to extract accurate portions and place in other containers? Please clarify this contradiction. Not everyone has a “glass bowl” lying around and certainly not a glass syringes.

    1. Hi John, the mixture with essential oils is corrosive to materials such as plastics and metals, so it is recommended to use glass simply to avoid damaging them, plastic syringes can be used because they are cheap and disposable (the mixture does not corrode the plastic so much but leaves it very sticky). If you have to use another material in the bowl, you can cover it well with kitchen plastic wrap and it would be ok I guess.

  5. I gave a bottle of Samaritan oil to my daughter who was pregnant. She started using around5-6 months pregnant. Now I read that cinnamon, clove and rosemary oils should not be used by pg women! This is rather upsetting to me. She began to have many contractions in 7-8 months and delivered 3 weeks ahead because she developed preeclampsia. Does anyone know about these oils for PG women? This should not be used by them. Makes me very upset that this is not mentioned. Comments?

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    1. Hello Adelina. We are not aware of sellers in the Philippines. Maybe you can try to prepare it yourself if you don’t find it available.

  7. Hello, I’m new to this site. I was wondering Where do I get Holy oil? Do I bring in olive oil to a priest to bless?

    1. Hi Carri, there is no need to have holy oil in order to prepare the Oil of the Good Samaritan. If you want your olive oil to be blessed you will have to bring it to a priest. Use holy oil to mark the door frames of your house as indicated by BVM in the message of March 15, 2020.

  8. Praise God for Holy Mother! Thank you Holy Mother for caring for our wellbeing during these difficult times. Thank you Maria de Luz for sharing her messages.

  9. Many thank for collecting this information.
    From my research over the year I away came across a maximum safe concatenation of 2 % total essential oil to base oil. This for good reason as some oils are highly irritant. are you referring absolute essential oils or dilutions?

    thanks and regards,

    1. Hi Mark, thanks for your comment. This oil has a concentration of essential oils of almost 15%. It is an atypical concentration, indeed. But it is also true that it is not supposed to be used as an oil for body massage. In this case approximately one drop is used on the skin, and of that drop 85% is carrier oil, i.e. although the concentration of essential oils is high, in terms of the amount that is in real contact with the skin is very low.

  10. For those of you with the Thieves Oil, I would add it to the base oil that is instructed by the Blessed Mother. Add 5xs the amount of the Thieves Oil to it. I did put a drop of blessed oil in mine as well.

    1. I buy the Thieves oil from Young Living Essential Oils. I will put a few drops of Holy Annointed Oil in the Thieves Oil – does that seem right?

  11. Hi friends,
    You can buy all these oils for as little as US$ 1 at places such as AliExpress or eBay.
    God Bless!

    1. All these oils can be found in AliExpress and eBay for as little as US$ 1 for 5ml.
      AliExpress is the cheapest
      God Bless!
      Bert. Sydney, Australia

    2. Daily during epedemics and pandemics. Anytime u go out in public or outside as disease is present in air and land

      1. I looked up the document linked above. If you scroll to pages 26, 27 and 28, Luz de Maria gives TWO different recipes for Oil of the Good Samaritan. The one which has a ratio of 1:5 says that it is for essential oils that are NOT 100% pure! The second one, which is MUCH less strong (114mL of Base oil to 15 DROPS of Essential Oil) is meant to be used for 100% Pure Essential Oil. I’ve been using this second recipe and now that I am reading how toxic pure essential oils can be, I think it is wise to MAKE SURE there is no more than a pin-tip of oils used. I put my oils into a 10mL bottle with a roller top and apply to inside of both wrists and on both sides of neck just below my ears. I also roll the inside of my face mask when out in public.

  12. Hi..I’m new here. If I place the oil on my neck temples, earlobes and wrists won’t my face still be exposed?

    1. Hi Janet, thanks for your comment. This oil has a strong smell which basically is produced by particles being constantly emanated from the evaporating essential oils. My guess is that these particles interact with viruses and bacteria, inactivating them. What we smell are particles. But I’m not an expert at the subject. BVM suggests spraying drops of this oil over face masks. In that case the skin isn’t even touching the oil.

      1. Mark, go to pages 26, 27 and 28 of the same document. It gives the exact recipe for Good Samaritan oil. The higher concentration talked about above (1:5 ratio) is to be used when the oils are NOT 100% Essential Oil. The 2nd recipe is much more diluted and probably is equivalent to the 2% (Pure) Essential Oil that you are talking about.

  13. It is now lockdown I have only one oil, olve oil and cinnamon leaves. What can I do?

    1. May be you can ask a priest to bless olive oil and do as BVM suggests:

  14. I have been making good samaritan oil and giving it to friends and family. it is something very simple so why not try.
    God Bless you all?

    1. What is the receipt measurements for each oil as it looks like it ask for less amount of cinnamon oil to be used so can you please let me know exactly each oils amount to mix thank you and God bless

      1. Bert I also want to make a large batch so I too can give to family and friends.
        I have 10ml bottles of each oil. I was planning on mixing all together to 50ml of olive oil to make a batch will that work or do I have to use less cinnamon

      2. The recipe asks to use 5 parts of carrier oil for every 1 part of essential oils, and since cinnamon oil is very irritant to use half i.e. 0.5 parts.
        If you have 10ml bottles of each essential oil that’s a total of 50ml essential oils, multiply by 5 = 250ml of carrier oil.

      3. The easiest way to make it is use one tablespoon of each oil except for the cinnamon oil use half a tablespoon then use 5 tablespoon of olive oil then mix

  15. I have 4 Thieves Essential Oils with the same ingredients as The good Samaritan Oil. Will it also protect us from the viruses? Or is it necessary to have it blessed? protection

    1. Hi Marlene, there is no indication to have this oil blessed by a priest, but you can do it if you want. B.V. Mary expressly recommends using it as a preventative for viruses, plagues and unknown illnesses. To use it with faith I suggest putting a label on it that reads “Good Samaritan’s Oil” or Oil of the Good Samaritan if the product does not contain that name. By the way, I think the term ‘Good Samaritan’ could not be registered as trademark since that’s how a parable from the Bible is known.

  16. Thanks guys for DIY snake oil to protect me from the Coronavirus. This will undoubtedly help protect me as a vulnerable senior citizen.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks for your comment.
      By ‘snake oil‘ I guess you mean a general prevention oil for most epidemics, since it is not a ‘cure-all’ recipe. As we say here: “this oil does not cure diseases, it is not a magic formula. This recipe prevents contagion” and so confirms the study conducted by the University of Weber (USA).

    2. Hi Chris,
      I’m a retired industrial chemist
      Many essential oils have anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.
      There are numerous scientific publications to support this evidence.
      Thankyou, Our Mother for this recipe
      God Bless
      Bert. Sydney, Australia

  17. Thank you so much for collating all this information. I am making the oil of the Good Samaritan now for my family and loved ones.

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