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New Catholic Social Network


Post by tucristo », the new Catholic social network with the Mobile App takes off with over 50,000 members worldwide. The network aims to provide a permanent, growing, and convincing presence for evangelization in the digital world. The social network is available in English and Spanish. offers Catholic activity the ability for Catholics worldwide to connect on the network of networks. It is a Digital Community that provides Catholics the opportunity to meet and share the riches within the Church.

The network's goals include strengthening faith, revitalizing spirituality, and providing a space for formation, as well as offering digital tools for all Catholics to evangelize on the Internet in a world thirsty for the love of the true God.

Main contents of the network include saints' lives, homilies, holy hours, reflections, prayers, and music. Like other networks such as Facebook, users can create groups, pages, and share blogs with the world. It is also an excellent digital platform to showcase different apostle within the Catholic Church, such as new missions and evangelization projects. offers 14 reactions, like "Resurrected!", "Living Bread", "Long Live Mary!", "I am Catholic!", and "Praying", among others, seeking a place designed to express the joy of faith. The network, created by Kervin Frómeta and his team, is the fastest growing digital community among Spanish-speaking Catholics.

The network's patron is Carlo Acutis, a young man driven by his love for the Eucharist to evangelize on the Internet with heroic faith and courage.
The network already has a mobile application, available for download on the Google Play Store, and soon on the App Store, allowing for numerous possibilities such as creating own reflections, music, and sharing articles, videos or photos.

The organizers encourage participation on the network to "share your faith experience with the world". "Many people can receive this faith experience through posts.

The contents will help other people to have a personal encounter with the love of Jesus and will be commented on, shared, and recommended by all those who have been evangelized".

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