Virgin Mary's Medicinal Plants

Blessed Virgin Mary’s Medicinal Plants

Guide listing all the Medicinal Plants indicated by Blessed Virgin Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ to catholic prophet Luz de María, to face upcoming epidemics that medical science will not be able to stop.

Note: This guide does not replace the Recommendations on Foods & Health, which also has indications for our health. However, here we explore only what pertains to medicinal plants, to have a quick, easy and orderly access to these indications.

BiohazardCOVID-19: According to the revelations, this is one of the new viruses referred to by the messages to Luz de Maria, and as such we recommend having the plants indicated in the section «Illnesses that affect the airways» at your disposal.

Consult your physician before taking natural supplements.

Recommendations to disintoxicate the organism
Plants and remedies to strengthen the immune system
Plants with antibiotic properties
General preventions for times of Epidemics and Pandemics
Illnesses that affect the digestive system
Illnesses that affect the airways
Illnesses that affect the nervous and immune systems
Illnesses that affect the skin
Illnesses that affect the eyes
Other / Unknown illnesses
About dosages and contraindications...
Certain medicinal plants recommended by Our Blessed Mother include indications of doses, ways of use and contraindications; nevertheless, in most cases, the Blessed Mother only mentions the plant, leaving to each of us the responsibility to investigate their particular use, to complement the knowledge of each plant and remedy given by Heaven. Each one must analyze its health situation (or that of the person to which it recommends the plants) and take into consideration allopathic medications (pharmacological treatments) used, to avoid interference or intoxication due to the combination of substances. It is also important to consider medical conditions, such as autoimmune diseases for which the use of certain plants is not recommended. Due to the above, a thorough investigation of each plant must be performed, which includes consulting a physician.

Update History

LAST UPDATED: Dec. 23, 2021
Dec. 23, 2021: The article was updated to reflect the same plant categorization of the document published on Luz de Maria’s official website.
Jul. 11, 2021: Added Moringa and Green Tea (Revelation of July 06 2021)
Apr. 01, 2021: Added new quotes about Eucalyptus leaves (Dec.2020) and pine (Mar.2021). Fixed link to print-friendly guide
Mar. 21, 2020: Artemisia Annua moved to Illnesses that affect the airways
Feb. 02, 2020: Added link to new article about Oil of the Good Samaritan
Apr. 26, 2019: Added Apr. 4th revelation and item for Calendula

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28 opiniones en Blessed Virgin Mary’s Medicinal Plants

  1. I read that Calendula will heal the virus that brings sores on you arms, skin, etc I checked at one of the plant nurseries & found that there are many different kinds of Calendula. Does anyone know which one Our Lady meant for us too use? Cheers! 🦘🦘🦘

    1. Hi, nice kangaroos!
      ‘Calendula’ is a genus of about 15–20 species of annual and perennial herbaceous plants in the daisy family Asteraceae that are often known as marigolds. The species referred to by Mary is “Calendula officinalis”.

    Wisdom 9/17-18
    17 Who has learned thy counsel, unless thou hast given wisdom
    and sent thy holy Spirit from on high?
    18 And thus the paths of those on earth were set right,
    and men were taught what pleases thee,
    and were saved by wisdom.”
    Thank you Lord for thy mercy.

  3. Hi there I would like to ask what I could do for my husband who is fighting the COVID-19 has a fever for 14 days tomorrow low-grade of course but still has a fever weakness and something to be able to get him to bring up the phlegm out of his lungs please help me thank you.

    1. Hi, what is your husband name? Remeber to ask your doctor if he is in a state such that he could take natural preparations. I would try purple coneflower infusions. Hope he gets better. Blessings.

  4. Hi Mary
    I am new to all this. I live in Dublin and have started growing some of the herbs recommended. I would love to talk with someone who is thinking this way as well. Are you based in Dublin?
    God bless

    1. Hi Catherine If you are in need of some of the herbs listed and have been unable to get them or the seeds to grow them, I have been able to get them here: Im in the States, however I believe they are international. Hope that is helpful.

    2. Hi Mary
      I have started growing some of the herbs last year also. Some or perennial and others annua. Im based in Leitrim myself. The sweet Annie is the easier one to grow. God bless your gardening.


    3. Hi Catherine, I’m in county Down, if you can please contact me by what’s app 07803042675
      It by email
      I need help with advice for growing these plants. Thank you in advance and God bless you. G.

  5. Many people are asking me to bless grapes to sustain them during times of famine. When Jesus told the visionary on
    October 27, 2014 “I do not forsake you. Do not forget to keep in your homes grapes blessed in My Name for times of famine,” did he ask for specific words of blessing? Please advise. Many thanks for your yes to Jesus.

    1. @Fr. Jim, blessings. Thanks for your comment. Answering your question, there are no indications or requirements in the messages regarding the prayer to bless the grapes. Feel free to use the prayer you consider appropriate.

    2. I’ve been looking for where I saw a recipe to store grapes for hard times….in a message I thought it said …few months ago……they were called holy grapes …I’m new at this but they are supposed to last long time
      I came upon this comment …closest …I just made GoodSamaritan oils and had them n
      Blessed …hope you can help me

      1. Hi Norma, thanks for your comment. About the Blessed grapes there is a document with all the indications on how to prepare them in Luz de Maria’s site. You will find it under the ‘Specials’ section. This is the link:
        Blessed Grapes (PDF)

  6. I plan to plant most of the herbs. Those that I cannot I will try to get them as infusion. I have 2 big Ginkgo trees…..never used their leaves but now I will. Have to buy more walnuts and honey as well.

  7. I think it is good advice to get the plants that will grow in your region. You don’t need to get every plant. For instance, in the Nov 10, 2014 message, Our Lady said that there will be a disease that will attack the nervous and immune systems and to use the nettle leaf and gingko. In Ireland, where I am located, the nettle leaf is easily available, as it grows everywhere. Gingko does not grow here and can only be obtained only by prescription. So, our group decided to focus on gathering and drying nettle leaves. We also have propagated plants that will readily grow here (in Ireland) and are planting them in individual gardens, so that they will be readily available when needed. Try and grow them now, as they may not be available later. The tablets, tinctures and herbs in Health Food Shops and Herbalists, were sold out within days of the Covid-19 outbreak. You need to have them ahead of time. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Mary, thanks for your comment.
      It is good to know you are taking measures by propagating these medicinal plants in Ireland. Those are clear external signs that show one’s faith, in this case on Our Lady’s messages. About the ginkgo plant, remember it is not supposed to be collected from plants but used only by taking it from supplements or tablets, as stated on the ‘Observations’ tab.

      1. Thanks for letting me know about the gingko supplements. The instructions are often very general for the use of the plants, on your information sheet, instead of specifically what Our Lady said to use them for. So, I thought that the observations were someone’s knowledgeable opinion instead of what Our Lady said to do. Her messages are not very specific on how to use the plant.

    2. By the way, could you tell us how long ago did your group start to propagate these plants and how they organized to spread this knowledge? Thank you.

      1. Hi Cloud,
        We have been propagating them for about 3 years. Started with a few easy ones and now growing all of them. We spread the knowledge through prayer groups. Most people didn’t feel confident to start their own from a seed. So, a couple of us grew them from seed and planted them in them in suitable locations in other people’s gardens. For instance, some like full sun (echinacea), some prefer semi-shade (sweet Annie). Some grow in poor soil (calendula and mullein). Some like moist fertile soil (Angelica) and some prefer dry soil (mugwort). We give people instructions on how to care for them.

    1. Hello Andrew, I think you should try to get help (or share efforts) with some local organization. Don’t expect to get every plant, just focus on one or two that you think could be needed most in your region. There are as well tablets or pills from plant extracts that could be used instead of the plants in case those are being hard to get, and that perhaps are found in local shops more easily.

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