An Approach to the Holy Face of Jesus

In recent years the web has been invaded by proclaimed “true faces” of Jesus, but when inquiring about each one of them it appears that instead they are generic “statistical faces” based on predominant racial characteristics of the area at that time, which are shamelessly presented by some media as true. In this article we present our approach to the Holy Face of Jesus carried out by the artist Ahijah.

Shroud of Turin
Shroud of Turin

For this commission, Ahijah relied on the Shroud of Turin. This shroud is the burial garment -rediscovered in the Middle Ages, with which the dead body of Jesus was wrapped. Numerous studies confirmed the authenticity of the shroud as well as the compatibility of the wounds of the man in it with those that Jesus suffered according to the Gospel.

In addition to the scientific confirmations, the Shroud also has its authenticity supported by the revelations to María Valtorta in her writings of ‘The Poem of the Man God’ (currently published with the title ‘The gospel as revealed to me’), in which referring to the Shroud, Jesus said: “It is Me. Me that wanted to remind you of what I was like and what I became out of love for you.

The Face of Christ by Ariel Agemian

Greatly known to Christians is the face of Jesus painted by the artist Ariel Agemian in the 20th century (see the image above), who based his work on the Shroud of Turin to make his representation that is so widespread today. We believe that his work is the one that best distinguishes the features of the “true face” of Jesus despite its antiquity.

Painting by Ariel Agemian

Following in the footsteps of this great artist who passed away in 1963, and using modern design tools, Ahijah tried to delve in and add detail to the face of Jesus, thus modernizing the portrait of the Holy Face while taking into account the framework provided by the Shroud, and keeping in mind that it surely portrayed an emaciated Jesus with less weight, after his forced passage through the various trials at points distant from each other, the flagellation, carrying the cross and the high level of stress caused by all these ailments.

This is the image produced by the artist Ahijah:

Artistic representation of the Holy Face of Jesus by Ahijah
Jesus Holy Face
Update: Ahijah (Ajias) has updated the image of the Holy Face.

You can see more images by Ahijah following this link.

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3 opiniones en An Approach to the Holy Face of Jesus

  1. How interesting that Ahijah changed Agemian’s rendition of the Face of Christ, into a whiter, blondish and blue-eyed man! Why? To continue to promote the idea that Jesus was snow white and blue-eyed, in order to satisfy the egos of white anglo-saxon people?

    1. In relation to the appearance of Jesus it is based on the descriptions of Maria Valtorta (in this link you can see a compilation of those descriptions of her visions, use translation button on top) and following the teaching that was revealed to us, that physical ugliness came upon men as a consequence of sin, so Adam and Eve must have been very beautiful people. In this line of thought, both Mary and Jesus must have presented a special beauty. Note that this is also confirmed by numerous revelations of various prophets. For this reason the aspect is well justified, while assigning to Christ a statistical aspect, only because he lived in a region of the planet seems to be capricious and disgusting…

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