Mark of the beast

Mark of the Beast: Closer to its Global Implementation?

The pandemic has unleashed a series of events and reactions in the world that raise awareness of the advance of the Antichrist. Already having the precedent of microchip implants in employees hands, the technology that makes it possible being current, it seems that the conditions are already given for its massive use and that it is only a matter of creating the ‘pretexts’ that will lead the societies towards its acceptance, in a way so that the outcome seems natural and not preplanned.

Top image: From scanning the forehead to take the temperature, to scanning a QR code with the subject’s information, including his received vaccines. This artistic representation has the purpose of questioning us about a subliminal message to get us used to seeing how people are scanned on their foreheads. Here the artist has used a QR code for illustration purposes, but the real method that would be used at the time will probably be much more subtle and aesthetic. (Image Olya Adamovich – Pixabay)

And he causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. (Rev. 13:16-17)

Then another angel, a third one, followed them, saying in a loud voice, “Whoever worships the beast and its image and receives a mark on his forehead or his hand will drink the wine of God’s wrath, which has been poured undiluted into the cup of his anger. He will be tortured with fire and sulfur in the presence of the holy angels and the lamb. (Rev. 14:9-10)

It seems straightforward how the devil pushes the ‘Mark of the beast‘ as an offense and mockery to God who had arranged the following regarding the Commandments:

It will be like a sign on your hand and a reminder on your forehead, so that the teaching of the Lord will be on your lips: with a strong hand the Lord brought you out of Egypt. (Ex. 13:9)

It will be like a sign on your hand and a band on your forehead that with a strong hand the Lord brought us out of Egypt. (Ex. 13:16)

Bind them on your arm as a sign and let them be as a pendant on your forehead. (Dt. 6:8)

Therefore, take these words of mine into your heart and soul. Bind them on your arm as a sign, and let them be as a pendant on your forehead. (Dt. 11:18)

As God brought us out, now the devil wants to lead us back to the slavery of Egypt.

Let’s remember that there have already been some experiences of microchip implants to employees of various companies in different parts of the world.


Do not allow them to rule your mind, emotions, thoughts, or decisions…
Do not allow yourselves to be ruled by lack of love, anger, violence, vengeance, the desire to persecute those who do not think in the same way as you…
Do not let them lead you to disavow your family members: you are not robots, children, you are God’s creatures.
Humanity is in great danger, the microchip’s innovations will make My children submit to the Antichrist. The latter will lead parents, children and relatives to disavow one another; they will rise up against those who are of their own blood. For one reason or another, the chip is offered to the population so that they accept it without opposition.

Blessed Virgin Mary to Luz de Maria - July 30, 2017

Do not allow yourselves to be sealed, do not under any circumstances allow yourselves to be sealed with the microchip. I will take care of My People, I will take care of My faithful ones. As I feed the birds of the field, so will I take care of My faithful ones.

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria - Dec. 14, 2016

The previous steps

Since these types of changes in society could not be introduced suddenly, but gradually and overlappingly, in such a way that each event is a consequence of a previous one, and therefore the result seems to be a natural and logical evolution, there is some concern that the coronavirus pandemic may have been one of those previous steps to the massification of the Mark of the Beast. In this regard, we have all experienced how fear of contagion from a deadly virus can force immediate and unexpected changes to our lives.

You must obey in the face of the plague, then stronger ones will come, but at this instant, the world’s elite has tested the reaction of humanity and the dominators will use this virus to base their power over humanity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ to Luz de Maria – Mar. 20, 2020

To obtain a nation’s conformity to the changes that will allow the introduction of the Mark, it seems necessary a social conviction that they are good measures, for the greater good of all. This could be promoted through a strong public fear.

The created fear could be linked to food shortages, a situation of public health risk, economic reasons, or a combination of them and other reasons. Those who are not willing to collaborate with the implantation of the microchip would be subject of social rejection as people who do not care about the common good, with the possibility of being reported to the authorities, as happens today with those who do not respect the lockdown rule.

The Media and the induction of social changes

The following image is an illustration of a process of social change induced through the mass media and how it is later replicated communally:

Media and social changes
  1. The social behavior that is wanted to be imposed is induced in society through the mass media, acting as creators and modifiers of public opinion.
  2. In a second instance, the peers themselves exercise social control over those who do not comply with the desired behavior, even reporting those to the authorities. Note that the subject perceives the social pressure to act in accordance with a given behavior, although the pressure may not manifest itself directly, but only as a psychic fear of something that could eventually happen to him.

A recent example of this occured during the coronavirus pandemic, when the traditional media favored the behavior of reporting to the authorities those who did not comply with the lockdown, affirming that they were endangering the health of their peers. There have been cases of neighbors -and sometimes the relatives themselves, who reported to the authorities an individual who was not complying with the lockdown measures, and the media reported it, describing it as good and necessary behavior.

In the same way, when the Mark of the beast is established, its acceptance will be imposed as a necessary good for health and/or economic reasons, and whoever does not agree to put it on will be seen as someone who wants to harm the rest of society, a misfit who puts others in danger. Favoring, in the same way, the social control of the peers, who will be willing to denounce you for the “evil you are causing” by not letting yourself to be marked with it.

Advertising campaigns

Another lesson the pandemics leaves us, is how actors and actresses were used, many of whom are important icons or references for young people, for the dissemination of campaigns aimed at seeking the conformity to a certain behavior, even with aggressive language worth of be considered as ‘bullying‘. Surely the same will happen with the Mark of the Beast and there will be campaigns with famous actors designed especially to inhibit the resistance to its implementation, especially in the young.

The human being, massified: into a new form of Nazism?

What the microchip allows once implanted in humans is the extreme control over the population. The number of functions for which this system can be used is very wide, from documents, passport, electronic wallet, personal data, recognition of individuals, electronic key, gps, etc.

Prisoner control

But ultimately, what stands clear is that it is an advance on the serialization of prisoners that was carried out by Nazism, when it used numbers to keep control of prisoners in concentration camps. This time there is only the difference that it will come with a lot of added services with the potential to hide its simple and true purpose under the rug: being an inmate serial number, to keep you identified, located, and once it is widely used, to intimidate you to act in accordance to the world’s government.

Chances are that its use will gradually spread and there will be many positive testimonies of its uses and advantages. It will only begin to be used as a means of coercive control once it has become sufficiently widespread and society has become accustomed to its use.

Military presence on the streets


This is a scene that we are not very used to and that will surely grow a lot in these coming times, especially in big cities. The military, which have specific functions on foreign security, will be more present and visible in unusual places. This contributes to generate in society the idea of a stricter order, generating fear and getting used to a pre-war state. If we have not seen so much of this yet, it is only because up until now the interest is to show the states and institutions as functioning normally, but after a certain point it will become increasingly difficult to maintain control, if it is not by more coercive means.

Those who live in the countryside will have greater tranquility and advantages than those who live in large cities. When the implantation of the microchip becomes mandatory, one could think ‘Hey, I think it is time to leave this city‘, but this pandemic’s lockdown shows us that in a given situation, the roads and access points may be suddenly blocked, and one would have to stay in the place of residence, without being able to leave the city, so it might be wise for those who have the means, to begin a process of moving away from the big cities.

The Temples, closed

We recently talked about how this pandemic seems to bring closer many objectives of evil that seemed achievable only in the long term. One of them is the abolition of the daily sacrifice (Masses). One of the ways to achieve this abolition could be through repeated continuous suspensions. After a few years of having the temples closed, abolishing the Masses and banning them will only be a bureaucratic step. The de facto abolition of the daily sacrifice, without a rule establishing it transparently, but through suspensions that would be extended over time is a possibility that should not be discarded.

Today we need priests who, heroically fullfilling their vocation in the light of the gospel, watch over, feed and defend the flock of Christ. This doesn’t seem possible if the reality of the End Times is not recognized as such, or the revelations of our Blessed Mother are denied, to whom they should pay obedience by virtue of Her title of Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Money which is not money

We have already seen the rise of electronic currencies, not governed by country banks, but decentralized and free. This also favors the creation of a unique currency, which could be electronic and even be used through the microchip.

Faced to this situation, we understand that the use of ‘paper money‘ will be attacked more and more with different arguments, like claims taht it has no intrinsic value, it is a vector for the transmission of diseases, it favors inflation, it allows money laundering, etc.

The Bible is clear in that people will not be able to buy or sell without having the Mark of the Beast. It would be difficult for this statement to be fulfilled while paper money is still out there, through which anyone can buy and sell. For this reason, we could see in the future a transfer of conventionality from paper money to electronic money.

The era of Stress

The revelations give account of a special interest in keeping the human being in a constant state of stress. Having the population in a constant state of anxiety does not help people think clearly, nor does it promote spirituality, taking away peace from man, who feels restless. Thus it is easier for him to see his brothers as enemies, giving priority to the instinct of preservation above the sense of the common good.

The role of the Press

It is clear that for the most part, the necessary events for the implementation of the Mark of the Beast cannot occur without the key support of the press and traditional media. Reason why it was seen for a long time as a strategic position for freemasonry and economic power groups to continually twist the social will, diverting it towards the paths that were most convenient for the concentrated power groups.

Paradoxically, the Achilles heel of this abusive system of control is also the press and the media itself, on which strong social pressure should be exerted. On occasions we have mentioned that currently, where journalism boasts of the existence of a freedom of the press, and the possibility of reporting on any subject, it is actually when there is least freedom of the press.

Although the majority in the American peoples consider themselves Christian, this is not reflected in the media, where Christianism is constantly attacked and there seems to be no representation, e.g., through an adequate number of Christian journalists.

It seems like there is a specific interest in damaging the representativeness of the Christian religion in the media, and this should be a clear objective of the Church, to reestablish its legitimate right of access to the media, as the social majority that it represents within each country. We all conform the Church, forming the Mystical Body of Christ, and for this reason it is not necessary for the clergy to act first in this regard, although it is who by right has that role.

Other vices in which the traditional media have incurred have been nepotism and a closed system where no public exams are held, but the few who do enter are handpicked by a director (mostly acquaintances or relatives), therefore the idea that journalists are selected by the people, e.g., through zapping or rating, is wrong, since someone previously defined who occupies those positions that are limited and of great importance.

The press has been acting generally, as a large influence peddling and propaganda agency, where it uses its power to reach the public by generating trends and public opinion, so that a few could obtain the benefit of directing the paths of society, at the same time that they misinform about the news that it would be important for the people to know.-

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