Virus creado en laboratorio

Jesus calls us to protect ourselves from viruses “deformed” in laboratories

In a new and important message to Luz de María, Jesus asks us to seek protection against the large number of viruses and diseases that loom over humanity, with the medicines that the Virgin Mary has given us and will give us. Says clearly that some viruses have been intentionally modified in laboratories, so that our body can not react effectively to them.


The relevant part of the message to Luz de María:

Message from Our Lord Jesus Christ to His beloved daughter Luz de María
Nov. 20, 2018

“My Beloved People, a large number of diseases are hanging over Humanity and I mention it and I bring it to your attention for you to protect yourselves. The viruses swarm with the air and you must protect yourselves, that is why My Mother has given you and will continue to give you the natural medicines which are necessary for you to put them into practice, because some viruses have been deformed in laboratories so that they do not react to the medicines of man. It will be then, when the unbelievers having to make use of what is found in Nature and My Mother has already mentioned, will look surprised how health, if it is Our Will, gets recovered.

I see others of My children worry too much, more than necessary for what is material, when the plagues that loom before you can exterminate entire cities.

Do not forget that you must avoid crowds, they are easy transmitters of diseases. Do not forget that stakeholders want to exterminate a large part of My children. Why would this be so? Because they wish to exterminate those who believe and have faith in Me so that the worshipers of satan may be greater in number and shaking the waters of Humanity, diminish the number of My faithful ones.”


Currently there is a list of medicinal plants indicated by the Virgin Mary, but a common drawback is the difficulty to get them (as we have already been told by several visitors through the site’s contact form), since many plants are native to other regions and are not commonly found in commerces.

It is therefore necessary to make efforts to involve plant trading companies that could sell all these plants and have them available in every region to get them easily when needed. If you know a store or company that has all the plants available for trade, send us their contact information to list them on our site.

Link to medicinal plants list available here.

Luz de María’s official site has a list published here (spanish).

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  1. You can buy it premade from numerous companies, you can also buy all the oils and mix them with a base oil yourself to use. If you choose to blend yourself be sure to store in a darkened bottle (helps to keep better). Also for anyone on this site searching for herbs mentioned by the Blessed Mother, I was able to get just about all of them from Starwest Botanicals: Yes they do come from all over the world, however they are organic and come quickly.

  2. I have Thieves Oil and have been using it for the past 4 years, it’s been a saving grace since COVid 19. If you need thieves oil from the recipe listed, you can go to

    1. Hi Kathy, you can find it as Thieves oil, Good Samaritan’s, Robbers relief.. and may be with other names too.

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