Doomsday clock

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pushes Forward Doomsday Clock?

The launch of this new virus, modified through bioengineering, brings humanity closer to the fulfillment of the Apocalypse? How it may connect to the ‘Mark of the Beast’ (microchip implants in the human body).

In these times events happen so fast that we almost lose track of what is going on at every moment of our recent history. Let us meditate on some specific events in an attempt to recognize a common thread and how some events that seem to have no connection with each other, could actually be part of a planned strategy:

COVID-19 has negatively influenced stock markets throughout the globe (marian revelations tell of a collapse of world economies as a previous step to the mandatory implantation of the “mark of the beast”). For many this has proved that a pandemic in today’s world can make world economies collapse.

microchip implants
Microchip implants

The World Health Organization has questioned the use of paper money with the argument of its lack of hygiene as well as for being a vector of disease. Some years ago the argument against paper currency was money laundering. Putting an end to paper money is also a gradual objective leading to the mandatory implantation of microchips, as with it, money transfers could be done digitally (see Rev. 13:16-17).

It seems interesting how pandemics can contribute to this long term objective of evil.

The use of episodes related to ‘public health issues’ for creating a “legitimate” reason (or that seems so) before the peoples, to block the right of freedom of movement (quarantine, isolation, etc.) and freedom of assembly, something that one would only expect from an dictatorial authoritarian regime.

Also, this situation was favorable to prevent the celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice (Masses suspended in many dioceses). The prophet Daniel mentions the abolition of the daily sacrifice as a clear sign of the end times (see Dan. 8:11-17; Dan. 9:27; Dan. 11:31; Dan. 12:11). Pandemics could bring us closer in that direction.

Another important sign is that of information control and the special interest in pretending that traditional mass media (TV, radio) information is reliable and true, while other media spreads fake news. The emergence of organizations that “verify” the veracity of news articles and tell the public what is true and what is false is also a very serious precedent, since we are only a step away of the prohibition of ‘fake news’ (which could be judged as such by those who may want to appropriate the truth).

Apocalypse horseman

The deliberate and malicious emergence of this new virus –an act of war?, brings forward many goals of evil that seemed attainable only in the long term.

In light of these facts, we appear to be closer to the times when citizens will be forced to get microchip implants in their bodies (the so-called ‘mark of the beast’ of the Book of Revelations of St. John, see Rev. 13:17; Rev. 14:9; Rev. 16:2)

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