Virgin Mary's Medicinal Plants

Blessed Virgin Mary’s Medicinal Plants

Guide listing all the Medicinal Plants indicated by Blessed Virgin Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ to catholic prophet Luz de María, to face upcoming epidemics that medical science will not be able to stop.

A Medicinal Plants guide has been published on the official site of Luz de María, you can check the link here (PDF).

Note: This guide does not replace the Recommendations on Foods & Health, which also has indications for our health. However, here we explore only what pertains to medicinal plants, to have a quick, easy and orderly access to these indications.

BiohazardCoronavirus COVID-19: According to the revelations, this is one of the new viruses referred to by the messages to Luz de Maria, and as such it should be treated with the plants indicated in the section «Illnesses that affect the airways».

LAST UPDATED: March 21, 2020
Mar. 21, 2020: Artemisia Annua moved to Illnesses that affect the airways
Feb. 02, 2020: Added link to new article about Oil of the Good Samaritan
Apr. 26, 2019: Added Apr. 4th revelation and item for Calendula

Consult a medical professional before taking natural supplements.

General preventions to improve the immune system
General Prevention against viruses and airborne bacteria
Illnesses that attack the digestive system
Illnesses that affect the airways
Illness that will attack the nervous and immune systems causing serious problems on the skin
Illness that comes to Humanity
Illness that produces high fevers and wounded skin
Ebola / Malaria / Dengue / Fever
Illness that will attack the eyes

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